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Android Ringtones is an app developed by AggyApps available in its latest version 1.0, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Life is serious enough, why not pick a FUN ringtone?

Android Fun Ringtones is an app developed by Sancron Funny Ringtones available in its latest version 4.4, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Customize your smartphone with these ringtones

Android Ultimate Popular Ringtones is an app developed by Ultimate Ringtones available in its latest version 1.0.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Free Ringtones for Android is an app developed by top apps online available in its latest version 1.3, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Choose a ringtone for your smartphone from some of the best

Top Ringtones for Android is an app developed by JRJ Unlimited available in its latest version 6.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Free Ringtones for Android™ is an app developed by BestRingtonesApps available in its latest version 3.0.5, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Customize the sounds on your smartphone!

Free Ringtones for Android is an app developed by Best Ringtone Apps Free available in its latest version 1.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Set up your own notification sounds on your smartphone

Personal Ringtones for Android is an app developed by JRJ Unlimited available in its latest version 4.9, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Android Ultimate Funny Ringtones is an app developed by Ultimate Ringtones available in its latest version 1.0.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Fun, unique ringtones for your smartphone

Crazy Sounds & Ringtones is an app developed by GoodRingtones available in its latest version 45.0, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Sounds in 3D to set up as ringtones

3D Sounds & Ringtones is an app developed by BestRingtonesApps available in its latest version 3.0.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Baby sounds for ringtones and notifications

Baby Sounds & Ringtones is an app developed by Jico Apps available in its latest version 1.5.2, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Sound effects and ringtones with bird calls

Bird Sounds & Ringtones is an app developed by Nyhet available in its latest version 2.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Best Islamic Ringtones is an app developed by Eden INC available in its latest version 5.1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Ringtones is an app developed by Very G Apps Indie available in its latest version 1.05, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Freshen up your phone with these new ringtones

Ringtones is an app developed by wokapp available in its latest version 1.2, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


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Free Ringtones for Android Download

Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone: Have you heard of some newly released tune and want to set it as your device’s ringtone? Well, it seems to be really cool if you make your favorite song as your ringtone. So now you don’t have to worry about where to find the coolest and latest ringtones. We have searched and listed some of the best popular and reliable sites which are the hubs of the most attractive tones for your devices.

Free Ringtones for Android Download:

1. Tonetweet.com

Tonetweet offers free music ringtones for mobile phones including android devices. You can pick from a number of categories and genres such as Christmas, Country, Hip-Hop and many other featured hits. The app has a very convenient menu build-up that lets you find your favorite ringtone with much ease. There is also a column for the new and latest ringtones which are being added to the list every now and then. So you get to choose from the latest lot every single day.

2. Mobiles24.com

Another name in the list is the Mobiles24.com that has more than 136,000 ringtones to offer currently and is still expanding. The site also has a huge collection of beautiful wallpapers, unique ringtones, games and themes of the different type. You can get free Verizon Ringtones, Free ATT Ringtones and Free Spirit Ringtones with this app. Also, you have some of the funny Ringtones featured within the app to set as custom notifications.

3. Zedge.net

Zedge.net is one of the best sites that offers free wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sounds to let you customize your device. The latest feature allows you to save your favorites in personal lists and access them from a device via Facebook. There are more than 9 million files shared including the best ringtones, wallpapers etc. that are absolutely free for the users.

You can set ringtones, notification tones and even individual contact ringtones from within the site. There is also a widget for quickly changing the wallpapers and launching your favorite game with just a few clicks.

4. Tones7.com

One of the best featured and most popular ringtone downloading sites, Tones7.com offers to share, discovering and downloading for all its users. There are endless ringtones in MP3 format that are absolutely free to grab. It also supports file sharing feature along with the own ringtone application within the app that adds to the benefits.

5. Mobile9.com

Mobile9.com is another file sharing and download site for cell phones users across the globe. Mobile9 has games, wallpapers, ringtones themes and much more stuff. The site is compatible with almost all handsets and is the one stop shop for the Ringtone lovers.

6. Prokerala.com

Prokerala.com has an amazing collection of over 120,000 ringtones alone apart from the other usual stuff that it offers. The site has ringtones from all categories ranging from the old tones to the latest ones. Also, you can upload your own ringtone and share it with the other users in the world just as they do.

7. Audiko.net

From Audiko.net, you can now use one of the top national or international hot songs as your ringtone, message tone or any other notification tone. The website has thousands of different tones created by millions of users and you can also create your own version of songs and share them with others or select your favorite top rated the national or international song and change them to your style and speed.

They also list the top 100 latest ringtones available for download for free.

8. Oringz.com

Oringz.com offers a wide range of popular cell phone ringtones for your mobile devices. They have the latest music which is easily available in form of best possible ringtones version. They also offer different ringtones for your alarm or notification tones and some animal and funny ringtones to go by side.

9. Madringtones.org

Madringtones.org is one of the most trusted and most visited ringtones downloading sites in the world. The app has a huge number of free ringtones readily available for download i.e. over 5 million files for ringtones. The website comes with a very good user interface and almost every user gives a positive feedback.  The app is so easy that once you enter the URL of the MP3 file, it will be uploaded and you can determine the starting and end points if the ringtone along with the tempo and type of file.

10. Mytinyphone.com

Mytinyphone.com offers roughly about 65000 ringtones to choose from that are absolutely free of cost. You can listen and download free ringtones from MyTinyPhone’s huge catalog. They have different categories of ringtones for every kind of visitor. Also, you can set different ringtones for contact, alarm and notification sounds.

Not only this but you can set unique standard ringtones, contact ringtones, alarm and notification sounds for your device.

Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone: Myxer application is an app that allows its users to create their own ringtones. Customize your own ring tones, turn your favorite songs into ringtones completely for free, they can be as long as 30 seconds!! Myxer app is a great application that is growing more and more popular as each day passes thanks to its good features and its user friendliness. The app is very easy to understand and using it takes no effort. It can be used not only on iPhones and android devices but you can also use it for windows.

Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone

Let us see how we can download and use this wonderful app, shall we?

* The myxer app is unfortunately not available on the google play store hence you can download it from any other site. Just download the apk and you are ready to install the application and start using it within minutes.

* Before installing you need to make certain changes in the settings of your android device. Now, as the app is not available on the google play store, it becomes a third party app. Generally to save our devices from threats from unknown sources out device does not allow us to download third party apps.

* Just go to the settings option on your device. There, you will see that you have an option called ‘Security’ so click on it. There, in the subheadings, you will see the option called ‘ device administration’. There turn on the unknown sources (allow installation of apps from unknown sources) option so now you are free to download everything you want on your device. You might get a pop up saying that this may harm your device or something but that is certainly nothing to worry about, so feel free to change this setting.

* Now you can install your myxer apk on your android device and it is ready to use.

* With the help of myxer app now you can create lots of ring tones. If you do not want to make your own ringtones you can use the ring tones which are already available on the app for use. There is a lot to choose from so I am sure there is something for everyone. From rock to jazz, pop to funny animal noises you can select anything for free. You can now go ahead and download this wonderful app. What are you waiting for?

Download the Myxer App for Android Phone Free – Here


Top 10 Best Free Ringtone App for Android 2017


In case you are looking for ringtone apps for Android, you must want to think what features you would like the app to have. Though they are basic ringtone apps for android, they still manage to serve multiple purpose with some additional features as well.

In this list, you will find a list of applications that have been listed as the top best free ringtone app for android, each for their own unique feature or features. By the end of this article, you will at least want to download one of these apps to manage your ringtones and notification alerts!


Best Free Ringtone App for Android 2017

1. MP3 cutter and ringtone maker

As the name pretty much states, the MP3 cutter and Ringtone maker shall let you work things out for your ringtones in the most perfect way. You can edit songs (by cutting them from wherever you want) to set it as your ringtone or you could as well make use of persona recordings. This is one of the best ringtone app given the kind of features it has. This will give your ringtones the perfect edge and you won’t need to struggle with the entire song anymore.

2. Cool Ringtones

Now this is a random ringtone app which will list down for you a variety of ringtones other than the ones your phone already has. It is always good to have a good song as your ringtone but instrumentals and random tunes will work equally well. In this ringtone app, you can choose the songs for multiple purpose, caller tune or ringtone. Download Cool Ringtones.

The app allows you to put a specific song for a particular person and you have options to use ringtones from this app on SMS, Alarms, Messages, etc. Basically, it will serve all the ringtone or alert needs for your phone!


3. Ringtone Maker

Now this is something different and something which might be of your interest if you are looking for a ringtone app with more than just the basic needs. You can create your own ringtone segments, much like MP3 cutter and it also has some additional features to offer, like you can cut and paste and create a new ringtone all together or you could as well fade in or fade out the music. This is one useful free ringtone app! It is simple to use with less drama and though it allows you to do things rather differently, there are no complications involved. Download Now.

4. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers, as the name suggests is more than just a ringtone app. This is quite much an app like the Zedge. The features for this app include the likes of setting ringtones, alarms, notification tones and of course wallpapers. The collection is great and searching for the likes of your choice is pretty easy in here. It won’t take much of your time and you must surely give this a try, I am pretty sure you will quite be in its favour. It is one of the best ringtone app for android with additional features as well!

5. Ringdroid

Ringdroid is without doubt one of the best android ringtone app and has been functional since quite long. If ever you have looked up for ringtone apps, you must have come across this quite back in time. However, in case you don’t know about this app, it is an open source ringtone app which lets you cut down songs and also make your own ringtones; pretty much like most of the apps form this list. It is a free ringtone app with minor bugs and fixes. However, if it works fine for you then you may not worry at all and well it shall be perfect for you!

6. Zedge

Zedge is a multipurpose app for your smartphone and works more than just serving for the ringtones, notifications, alarms, etc. Though well known as a ringtone app, the additional facilities for this app is it lets you put wallpapers and themes as well. As far as the ringtone features are concerned, it lets you create new ones and convert songs to ringtones as well.

7. Audiko

Audiko is yet another free ringtone app and allows you to turn your favourite music into your ringtone. You can create ringtones and as well let the app do the work for you! The app is a great ringtone app for android and allows you to work with rigntones easily and of course customize them as per your needs.

8. Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta

Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta is more than just a basic ringtone app as it lets you work with audios and edit them as per your needs. You don’t always need it for ringtones but well it has an effective use for it. Ringtone Slicer & Maker Beta is one of the best ringtone app for android.

9. Telephone

Now this is for all those people who want the kind of ringtone which worked with the traditional phones. It has some 45 plus old school ringtones that basically belong to earlier times. You could give this a try for sure as it could be pretty much fun!


10. Cellsea

Just like Zedge, Cellsea also has multiple functions and can assist you in its own different ways. You can customize your ringtone and as well work with wallpapers. The best thing about this ringtone app is the fact that it supports a multiple range of audio files and therefore makes it all the more easier to work with them. The formats available are MP3, WAV, AMR, 3GPP, AAC and MP4.


And that was about the best of ringtone apps on android! There is a lot to choose from, so the next time you want a really cool ringtone for your phone or want to create one for your own, you know the list of apps you would want to try!


Top 10 Websites You Can Download Free Ringtones for Android - Sysprobs

Many people feel it quite boring to have the same old Android ringtones on your phone. Do you want to change your ringtone to the latest song you heard another day? Alternatively, do you want to customize your ringtone to your style and mood? If yes, then you need to check these ten websites that are suited best to download ringtones for your Android. The best thing about them is that they let you download free ringtones for Android, no extra charges.

All you need to do is to search for your favorite ringtone and then open your mobile and download the best ringtone that you want. Having your favorite ringtone on your phone is fascinating. You can get rid of all the mainstream ringtones of your phones now. We have listed below the top 10 websites from which you can download free ringtones for Android phones.

Top 10 Websites to Download Free Ringtones for Android in 2017

Getting free ringtones for android has become easier since the websites like zedge.net have come into existence. The site started its operation ten years ago. It has more than 9 million images and ringtones on it. You can easily choose the best one for yourself and download them to have fun.

How to get free ringtones on zedge.net:

For downloading free ringtones for android, there is a straightforward method. You need to open www.zedge.com on your computer’s browser. The next step is that of registering. You can download ringtones easily if they have made a Login ID.  To login add in your email and set up a username and password. Once this step is done now, you have to mention the device that you are using, for that click the button labeled as “Select Your Device” that’s located on the upper right corner. Use the search bar to enter the ringtone that you need, select a tone from the drop-down menu first. Click on the selected choice, and press “Get Ringtone,” save the ringtone to your computer. Now you have a mp3 ringtone on your computer, just plug your phone into the computer and transfer the downloaded ringtone.

Tonetweet.com is a very vast site that contains many genres of songs which you are used as a ringtone for your android mobile phone. This website is by far very much user-friendly. It contains all the detailed genres mentioned on the left bar.

Method to get a free ringtone on tonetweet.com:

Every website has its way to how you can download the free ringtones for android to add them up to your phone. In some cases, the ringtones can simply be downloaded into your phone, and that is by far the easiest way because only then you do not have to connect your mobile phone to the computer. To start off with the procedure, you have to open www.tonetweet.com on your desktop. Once it has been opened and loaded, then you can search out for the type of ringtone you need. Either choose from the latest collection they have, or you can type in the search bar.

Once you have made your choice, click on that ringtone to listen to it. Either click on the “Download Ringtone” at the bottom, or you can simply copy the link and email it to yourself. Open that link in your mobile, and there you have the ringtone in your mobile.

Another useful website for downloading free ringtones for android is mobile9. It contains series of wallpapers and many ringtones to choose. It has so many mobile phones to choose from, and then you can see which ringtone is compatible with your phone, so no difficulty occurs.

Method to get a free ringtone on mobile9.com:

To start downloading some free tunes, you need to visit www.mobile9.com first. Once you have opened it up, then you will see a startup page which will ask you either to login or simply a search bar is seen from where you can type in the mobile company you own. For user’s simplicity, the list contains some mobile phones along with their model names and pictures. Choose your Android mobile, and that will open the list of ringtones that will be downloaded on your device. Make your way through to the best tone that you require and select it. You can simply press the download button on the right side and then plug your mobiles data cable into the USB port to transfer it from the laptop to your smartphone.

Mobiles24 website is well-known as it contains more than 136,000 free ringtones for android which is a huge number to choose. You will simply not get tired of having a new ringtone for your android mobile every single day. Moreover, all the ringtones are free of cost.

Method to get a free ringtone on mobiles24.com:

The method is simple yet very quick to download a free ringtone to your mobile. As like all others the very first step is always visiting the website www.mobiles24.com. After you have visited the site, you will see a vertical bar on the top of the page, you can simply select “Free Ringtones,” or you can write in the search bar. That will open the ringtones page, and you can hear it and download this item by seeing the icon at the bottom that says “download” that will only save the file on your computer. Later you can put it on your mobile phone.

Tones7 is a site that is solely based on downloading free ringtones for android. It has a variety of ringtones. You can download anywhere or anytime needed. It provides many songs that you can use to add to your mobile phone.

Ways to download the free ringtone on tones7.com:

To download free ringtones for an android phone simply visit www.tones7.com. On the right-hand corner, you will find different genres that will help you in the search for the perfect ringtone that you want to use. It also contains two separate columns one which has all the popular ringtones available and others that have the new ones. If you do not like any of these, you can use the search bar on the top. By typing in the tone that you require, it will help you download it. Tones7.com is different from other websites as it helps you make a ring tone as well. Upload a mp3 file, and that will create a 30 seconds MP3 file for your android phone. Then download the ringtone and add it to your mobile.

Audiko.net provides some ringtones for your android mobile. This website is quite colorful and pleasing from a users point of view. They list the top 100 ringtones as well. So, if you are not sure which one you should download, you may simply choose one from the latest hits.

Method to get a free ringtone on Audiko.net:

From www.audiko.net you can download different free ringtones for your mobile phone. It contains SMS tones along with some Pakistani artist’s songs. So, there is an elementary step to download a ringtone, search for the one you want and click on it to get it saved on your device. Alternatively, you can either upload a song which is your favorite one or selects the best fragment that will be good for you as a ringtone. Press get a ringtone, and there you have it. Attach your mobile and transfer it.

Free ringtones for android can be best searched by using prokerala.com. It contains a very versatile variety of different ringtones for your calls and SMS; it also provides you with the alarm ringtones. A variety starting from Bollywood songs to the normal tones, it has everything for free.

Method to get a free ringtone on Prokerala.com:

Visit www.prokerala.com from your laptop. You can search out for different ringtones it depends on which one you need, either SMS, alarm, or caller tune. For your ease and feasibility, this website has a drop-down menu from which you can select various options, select “Ringtone” from this menu. Once you have selected this, it will show a variety of ringtones either it is Hindi/Bollywood songs or any different music. Not only can you download the best ringtones for android, but you can also upload your favorite ringtone so other people can enjoy it too. You need to sign into upload your ringtone for others.

Mytinyphone is a website that helps you track down all the favorite ringtones that you want to have on your handset. Most often people get bored of having to listen to the same ringtone again and again. Therefore, it is a great way to finding out something different for yourself.

Method to get a free ringtone on mytinyphone.com:

This website contains a lot of the various entertaining things for your android phone. What we are looking for is the ringtone for your mobile phone. Visit www.mytinyphone.com and see for yourself what your needs are.  You are a Guest at the starting, to enjoy full services and receive updates it’s better to sign in by making you ID. Once you have done this step, then you can see different sorts of featured ringtones. There are different categories mentioned on this site. Clicking on the ringtone tab, it will give you three categories popular, new and upload. There is a variety of different tones that you can then select for your smartphone. Simply select it, and then you can download the tone for your android mobile.

Oringz.com has all the kinds of free ringtones for android. It has a vast category from which you can thoroughly search and find the suitable thing that is desirable to you. Ringtones are a great way for one’s pleasure, so you would always want to have the best one that would lighten up your mood.

Method to get a free ringtone on oringz.com:

The best thing that this website has to offer is that you can search by tags. If you are in need of a nice ringtone and cannot call out the name in the head, then simply visit the tag bar and chose from what looks nice to you. Every day is a new day, and therefore this site has to offer you a notification of a day. Visit www.oringz.com and make your day a happy day by simply selecting the category or the tag and download the ringtone that you want. It has three different kinds of songs either it is MP3, M4R or Ogg.

Mad ringtones offer you all the free ringtones for android that your android phone can have. Many users have used this site and have always found out the best ringtone for android phone. It has so many ringtones to select from that one can easily have different tones every day.

Method to get a free ringtone on madringstones.org:

You have 370606 ringtones to choose on this site. It has a massive variety of tones. Visit www.madringtones.com and use the search bar to type in your favorite songs name or some featured tone that you like. It also shows Eurovision ringtones; these are some of the tunes that are very popular in Europe, and it contains different songs on the list. Some people upload their ringtones by adding up their favorite song on the website. Recent tones are also uploaded every single day so you can choose from them as well. Simply select the tone and download it on your desktop later add it on your phone to have the best ringtone for your android.


To have the same old ringtone is very frustrating that is why we bring you these top 10 websites that provide you free ringtones for android. You can thoroughly read which site works well for you. Maybe one ringtone is found on one of the sites but not on the other. Therefore, lookout for different sites until you find what you desire. If you are much of a choosy person, then simply you can add up your song and select the specific fragment to create your very own tone.


6 Apps to get free ringtones for android

Check out the top ringtone downloading apps to Get free ringtones for android.

Being able to customize every corner of Android is a great thing every owner loves. Ringtones have always been the most personalized feature of mobile phones. Rather than using a general tone on an Android smartphone, add your favorite tunes as ringtones for android phone or grab some soundtrack to assign with your favorite contacts.

You can use an app like Ringdroid to cut the best part of your favorite song to use as a ringtone. Or, you can use an app to download ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones available to download free online. There are many Android apps available those offered thousands of tracks and sound in many categories.

Get free ringtones for Android with these six best ringtone app.

1. ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge is one of the most visited and aged online services that offers free contents to personalize mobile devices. The Zedge ringtone downloads app will provide you thousands of custom ringtone. From theme music to electro sounds, pop, rock, jazz and much more categorize selections are available.

In addition to offering free ringtones for android, Zedge also provides HD wallpapers, live wallpaper apps. The app also allows assigning a ringtone directly from the app’s downloaded files section.


2. Audiko ringtones for Android

Checkout Audiko Ringtones app to get some fantastic tones, notification sounds, and alarm tones. Ringtones are available in many genres such as pop, party, hip-hop, classic, rock, rap, etc. Apart from downloading ringtones users can also use the app to create ringtones from the existing music files in the library. Furthermore, users can connect to Play Music to create a ringtone from Google Music library. In recent updates, the developer added a subscription model ($2.99 per month) that allows downloading an unlimited number of Higher quality ringtones.

DOWNLOAD: Audiko ringtones app (Free)

3. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

Inspired by material design, MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers app with simple and elegant users interface offers most popular free ringtones, wallpapers, games, and apps. Users can change the ringtone, notification sound or alarm sound within the app. The app can also handle contact ringtones without going through contact app or many steps in the settings menu.

DOWNLOAD: MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers app (Free)

4. Myxer free ringtones

Expect a wide variety of ringtones, wallpapers in Myxer. Similar to Audiko Ringtones, Myxer also allows users to create and customize the ringtone and notification tones from the songs or music on the device. This is an all-in-one solution for custom ringtones.

DOWNLOAD: Myxer app (Free)

5. mobile9 official

The official app for popular mobile content provider website mobile9.com where you can get millions of FREE, high-quality ringtones. Users can play the demo before downloading a ringtone on the device. A neat feature is the ability to share your favorite ringtones with friends and family on the social networks.

You will also find thousands of beautiful themes, wallpapers, ebooks, apps, live wallpapers, app icons, and smart watch faces for Android Wear, etc. The app asks you to chose the model of your smartphone to show content optimized for that particular device.

DOWNLOAD: mobile9 app (Free)

6. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

The developer of “Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me” promised to serve lots of ringtones for all moods and tastes! The ringtones are well organized into categories so users can find the desired sound conveniently. New and unique sounds are regularly updated so you will not bore with the same old ringer.

The app also let you download high-quality images to use as wallpaper. The “Dynamic Wallpapers” option allows to changes backgrounds automatically at your choice of interval.

DOWNLOAD: Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me app (Free)

We would love to hear your experiences with these best personalization apps to get free ringtones for android. Furthermore, feel free to share your favorite android ringtone apps in the comments below.


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