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So your SIM card is older than mother Earth itself and your SD memory card has seen more phone entrails than it would be happy to admit. Usually at those flash memory dinner parties that it goes off to while you're sleeping. Imagine the thick data jungle that your phone must be holding. Hundreds of contacts, dozens of message conversations, a thousand pictures (vaguely equivalent of one million words) and a collection of apps which if they were to be random objects, you would most definitely be called a hoarder. Have you ever considered sorting out that mess? I bet you have, but you really need a PC to do it. Because we always turn to PC's when we figure out that our shiny gadgets can't handle everything.

Let me show you the rooms

Moborobo is the solution to your problem because it provides a bird's eye view on your entire data collection. Not only does it gives you a clear image of your device's contents but it also allows you to manipulate it. Moborobo sorts out all the contents into general categories, namely Data, Apps, Images, Music, Videos and Themes.

The Data screen sorts out your contacts, messages and call history allowing you to discard any phone numbers or SMS conversations that you no longer have a use for, you tyrant! You can edit or even add new contacts down to every detail.

The Apps screen might look familiar to an iSomething user. In addition to displaying all of the installed apps it also features a Market. If you look under Web Resources you can find Mobo Market, a Play Store replica that behaves just like iTunes. You can download from it, store and install to your device all at zero costs! Well hold on a second, don't be jumping like a kid who just discovered The Pirate Bay because it only includes the free apps (demos, freemiums and the truly free ones). Still, it's much more comfortable than squinting at your little phone screen while your index finger is in the way.

Mobo Market is also available as an app for your phone or tablet. You can install it and download apps directly to your device if you so wish. No one will suspect you're using something else. Yet remember that you will need to check "Unknown sources" under Settings\Security, Mobo Market will see that you are directed there when required.

Remember that enabling "Unknown Sources" will allow the installation of apps not from the Google Play store. Google Play is the safest public source for Android apps. Installing from any other source is at your own risk and implies that you know what you are doing.

The other screens simply manage your media files and also provide a very limited source for more images, music, videos and themes.

  • Mobo Market – available through Moborobo or through the MoboDaemon Android app (which is currently missing from Google Play but available as a downloadable file on
  • Wi-Fi Connection – With MoboDaemon installed, your device can connect to Moborobo via Wi-Fi but they clearly recommend connecting through the USB port.
  • App Updater – It can inform you of updates and also install them selectively.
  • Task Manager – A separate window that tracks your downloads and installation tasks.

The App Updater is found in the Apps screen is very useful if you have a lot of standing updates and want to pick and choose which App will be privileged to receive it. I wouldn't bother with the Wi-Fi connection unless I develop an obsession about removing all the computer wires from sight.

  • Detailed device management that allows for easier maintenance of your data including backup.
  • You can manage app updates.
  • Moborobo Market may hold things that cannot be found of Google Play ;)
  • Sometimes convincing Moroboro to see your phone may prove quite difficult.
  • Web Resources are mostly just bloating the interface.


Moborobo is bloody useful! Especially if you're running Android, because Google Play and "device management tool" are two different concepts. Furthermore being able to manage your phone contacts on a bigger screen is something that everybody deserves.

Android PC Suite Download for Windows 7 8 XP Linux

Android PC Suite –Android is a very powerful operating platform. It gives you complete control over your phone’s capabilities. An Android PC suite is needed to manage and sync your phone with a computer. There are many useful Android PC suite softwares out there for you to download.

Some of them are free and some are pretty expensive. It all depends on their feature lists. Some even include forensic tools. That sounds amazing right?

You can synchronize the actions and data of your phone with your Computer. A back-up can also be made. So an Android PC suite also comes handy if you want to restore your lost data. Phone to phone data synchronization is also available in some premium suites.

Best Android PC Suites

Here we have handpicked some of the best Android PC suites available right now. Have a look:

  1. MobilEdit
  2. MobileGO
  3. Mobogenie
  4. Droid Explorer
  5. MoboRobo

Not all of the Android PC suites listed above are free. To say, MobilEdit is a very high performance Android PC suite. But it’s not free. If you’re interested in using its free version then you can use its demo. There are some good Android PC suites also like Mobogenie that are available for free.

For your convenience, we are discussing in detail, Mobiledit and Mobogenie here. We have selected these two regarding there features and their price. User reviews are very positive for these. You can try others too depending upon the compatibility needs.

Mobiledit Best Android PC Suite

Features of MobilEdit Android PC suite

Mobiledit is comprehensive, elegant and powerful. No other word could describe this piece of software any better. 9 out of 10 reviewers suggest Mobiledit as the best in class Android PC Suite. If you have never used any Android PC suite before, try this. It’s a must have application designed for premium experience.

Talking about its features, since Mobiledit is a universal android PC suite, it supports almost all phones of all the manufacturers and Operating systems. To check the compatibility of your phone with Mobiledit, visit .

Using Mobiledit as your PC suite is fun. Many people are fed up of the default PC suite software of your phone. They find this software very smooth to use.

How to Download Mobiledit Android PC suite

Only the demo version is free. So purchasing is optional. But it is highly advised.

Download Mobiledit lite here:!/setup_ME_STANDARD_7_7_0_4997.exe

Note: Mobiledit downloaded through the above link is a limited feature version. To make the software fully functional, you just need to purchase and enter the activation key from here:

How to install MobilEdit Android PC suite

  • Simply run the file that you download and set the destination folder.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click install.
  • Once the software is installed, you can activate it using the Activation Data key, which you have purchased from above link.
  • If you wish to try it out for free, click on activate later.
  • When asked for the update period, choose how frequent you wish to upgrade the program using the internet connection.
  • The connection wizard will now prompt you to connect a phone. You can continue and connect the phone or you can do it later.

How to use Mobiledit Android PC suite:

Android phones can be connected through a USB cable or via Wi-Fi to the PC. Before connecting the phone, visit this link and make sure you install all the required drivers to the PC.

Once the drivers are installed, the next step is to enable USB debugging on your android phone. To enable USB Debugging, Open Settings-> about phone. Then tap on the ‘Build Number’ option consecutively for 7 times. The Developer mode is activated so now you can find the Developer Option in the Setting Menu. Open it and check on USB Debugging to enable it.

  • Make sure the ‘Stay Awake’ option is enabled too.
  • Now simply install the drivers (if not done yet) and plug the phone to the PC using a USB cable
  • Don’t set the phone in Mass Storage mode.
  • The phone should now automatically get connected with Mobiledit.

You can also connect the phone to the PC using Wi-Fi. For that, download and run the android connector from here

And then you can enjoy all the services of this premium Android PC suite. MOBOGENIE is picked up as the best Free Android PC Suite

Features of Mobogenie Android PC Suite

Mobogenie is a simple and free android PC suite. It is very popular among android users. Features are not that advanced, but as an Android PC Suite, Mobogenie works fine. This Android PC suite just stands out of the crowd. We will show you the reason behind that.

You can transfer all your files from your phone and vice-versa. You can make Back-up of your phone data on the PC. The backed up data can be restored quickly. Messaging and all other phone actions can be carried out through the PC it is connected to.

Contacts can be synchronized and apps can be managed directly. You can also move any app of your phone memory to the flash memory or uninstall it if you want. That’s very useful, right?

How to Download and Install Mobogenie Android PC suite

Visit to download the latest copy of Mobogenie:

The product is free and so you do not need to register or purchase an activation key. This is the biggest merit of this software. Despite of being free of cost, it provides enough features.

Now to install it, run the file you just got and click next after your agreement to its terms. And after some more simple steps, click on Install. Mobognie now gets installed. That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the useful services of the software and manage your Android device with great ease.

There are other good PC suites too. But they are less in features and ratings from these two. Control and flow of data between devices make the above discussed softwares the best.

How to use Mobogenie Android PC suite

Anybody can easily start using this software once it is installed. The interface is simple. Just connect the devices and run the program. Operations are very basic.

->To create a back up of the phone, you just need to open the ‘Backup’ option under the ‘My Phone’ tab. Then select the data that you wish to be saved. Now select the location and click on ‘Back up’. And it’s done. As simple as that.

->To restore your back-up, Click ‘Restore’. Now select the place where your data is stored. Click on ‘Restore’ to start the process. And the action will complete in some minutes.

->To move an app from the Internal phone memory to SD card, first click on ‘apps’. This option can be found at the homepage of the application. Now select the app that you want to move. The app gets moved to the flash card in no time.

->To import/export data between the phone and PC, Select the type of the data that you wish to be moves. Now click on the Import option of that data type. Then select the file that needs to be imported. The file gets moved quickly.

Top 10 Best Android PC Suite for Windows, Linux, Mac

Android PC Suite – Learn what is the best android PC suite for your computer? List of top 10 best android PC suite for Windows, Linux, Mac | Android PC suite free download

Most of you are well familiar with the methods to run android apps/games on PC and the process of accessing computer desktop from any Android device, but do you know – how to access android from PC?

Yes, it’s easily possible. Android operating system on mobile phones and tablets can be accommodatingly controlled by any computer using Android PC Suites. Android PC Suites are synchronization programs which connect your android device to your computer and allow you to operate them from your PC. You will get full control of your mobile phone or tablet with the android PC suite for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Everything is possible with Android PC suite. You will be able to install applications, take backups and even send and reply to the messages. There are many different types of android PC suite for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X which you can use to control your android device. Today in this post, we will be sharing some of the best free android PC suites for Windows and all other operating systems.

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10 Best Android PC Suite for Windows, Linux, Mac

If you normally connect your android device to PC (without Android PC Suite), you will be able to only transfer files in your android device’s internal memory or the SD memory card which is available inside the device. But if you want to do all other important tasks like managing contacts and messages, upgrading bulk software, backup or restores phone’s content, installing apps from PC, send messages from your desktop, recover lost or accidentally deleted data, connecting to the internet from Android devices etc, then you need to install Android PC Suite on your computer.

Here we have gathered some best android PC suite for mac, android PC suite for windows, and android Pc suite for Linux operating system which are well popular for managing mobile essentials from Computer. So, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 best android PC suites for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Enjoy Android PC suite free download:

If you want a good and powerful android PC suite for the computer running the Windows operating system, you can use MobileGo. MobileGo will help you in managing any android smartphone or tablet no matter who the manufacturer of your android mobile phone is. The moment you will plug in your mobile phone, this android PC suite for Mac will start installing the drivers of your mobile phone automatically.

Simply it can be said that MobileGo PC suite is the best way to backup all your contacts, video, music, SMS, photos, apps, and manage all files to your computer in a single click. It supports almost all Android phones and fairly compatible with the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating system. Addition to all these things, this PC Suite is also available for iOS devices.

MOBILedit is a universal PC suite for the ultimate management of mobile phone content. You can manage different types of operating systems using MOBILedit. This means if you are looking for a PC suite for Android and iOS, you can use MOBILedit. You can manage the phone book stored in your mobile phone, use the built-in video editor to edit the videos and also access the cloud storage accounts.

In short, MOBILedit is the well-designed PC suite for all phones to manage phone from a PC. Some of the most attractive features offered by MOBILedit are:

  • Modern design for quick phone content access
  • Complete application management at a place
  • Easy to drag & drop photos, videos, and ringtones to your iPhone
  • Automatic backup system to secures your data
  • Remove duplicates from your contacts
  • Easily transfer files from one smartphone to another
  • You can Send, print, search and archive messages
  • Transfer your data even without a connection to a PC

AirDroid is also one of the most advanced android PC suites for Android, Windows, and Mac. You can install the AirDroid desktop version on Mac, Windows and Linux and the android version on your mobile phone which will allow you to connect both the devices wirelessly. You can share all the photos which are present in your mobile phone, transfer the data and do all sorts of stuff with Airdroid.

AirDroid software makes your multi-screen life simpler and more focused by helping you access Android phone/tablet from the computer remotely and securely. You can easily manage SMS, files, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on the computer from anywhere. You can download AirDroid PC suite by visiting its official website.

(4) MoboRobo

MoboRobo is an all-in-one smartphone management tool for Android and iOS. Or you can say, MoboRobo is Android & iOS PC Manager which helps you to manage and control your device through your computer no matter its android smartphone/tablet or iOS devices.

Creating backups are very easy with MoboRobo. You just have to connect your android smartphone or tablet and then transfer all the messages, photos, contacts, MMS and SMS for making a backup. You can also install the third party applications on your mobile phone using MoboRobo. If you are looking an easy to use android PC suite for windows, MoboRobo is a perfect choice for you. MoboRobo PC suite can help you in performing many useful tasks though PC such as:

  • Transfer Contacts: You can easily transfer contacts for both the Android and iOS devices.
  • Download FREE Apps: You can save lots of your smartphone data traffic by downloading free Apps & Game to your phone using PC network.
  • Data Backup: Backing up and restoring process is quite easy in MoboRobo. You can easily secure your important contact, files or even App Data on your Android / iPhone to PC.
  • Organize Everything: You can manage almost everything like Music, images, videos, contacts, messages and much more.

 (5) Mobogenie

Mobogenie is another best android PC suite for Windows which comes with some basic but interesting features. This is all-in-one Android Phone Manager which allows you to manage your mobile phone, create the backups and do a lot of other stuff. Mobogenie also allows you to root any android device within a few minutes.

This PC suite is very less in size and nicely compatible with the maximum version of Windows (8/7/xp/2003/Vista). Install Mobogenie on your PC and enjoy thousands of free applications & games to download without mobile data cost.

Droid Explorer is a well known android PC suite for Linux. If you want to send commands on your mobile phone or tablet using an android PC suite for Linux you should use Droid Explorer. You can create new folders and directories using this software. The drag and drop feature makes it extremely easy for one to transfer the files.

The best thing with Droid Explorer PC suite is that it allows you to manage your rooted android device from your PC with a very simplicity. Along with all the basic tasks such as SMS Backup, Phone Backup, Contacts Optimization, Photo & Videos Management etc, Droid Explorer program also offers you the option to fully exploit your Android Device.

If you want to use a cross-platform android PC suite then you should try AndroidPC. You can download android PC suite for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu operating systems. As soon as your mobile phone will connect with your computer or laptop this PC suite will start syncing the data.

You can save the photos, transfer your favorite music and perform a lot of other things using AndroidPC. This PC suite works through WiFi. You’ll have to install AndroidPC on your Android smartphone too in order to access the files and all different elements.

You can use SnapPea only on Windows operating system as it is not available for other platforms. You can either use the classic USB connection method to connect your mobile phone or Wirelessly establish a connection between your phone and computer.

SnapPea PC suite comes with a very simple and easy to use interface. It also lets you browse Google play store and other sites directly from the app, You can read and respond to texts, bulk install/uninstall apps, imports music from iTunes and many more things.

Apowersoft Phone Manager is also a very powerful mobile management software which is available for iOS and Android devices. You can use it for devices which are running on KitKat, Lollipop, and even Marshmallow operating systems. Unfortunately, Apowersoft phone manager is only available for Windows operating system.

With the help of Apowersoft Phone Manager, you can manage, transfer, view, restore, backup mobile or tablet files including messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, call logs, wallpapers, songs, videos, etc very smoothly on your PC. Apowersoft Phone Manager is really a well-designed PC suite which you can use to manage your Android phone on your PC. Some of its valuable functions are:

  • Auto-recognize the device with all information
  • Transfer all files from phone devices to PC and vice versa
  • Work perfectly with devices based on iOS and Android systems
  • Manage photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts and other files
  • Backup all kinds of data from your devices to PC
  • Restore mobile files from backups
  • Take phone screenshots with just one click on PC
  • Display the screens of phone in different modes

Last but not the least is iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager. If you are searching for a multifunctional android file manager to manage everything on android from PC then iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager is the best android PC suite for Windows operating system. If you want to play the songs which are stored on your mobile phone you can use iPubsoft android manager. There is also an option to manage all the files and share them directly.

Backup android contacts, SMS, videos, music, photos, apps to PC, transfer kinds of android data (transfer includes photos, music, videos, contacts, and SMS messages),  easy to operate and requires no professional skills, import and export contacts and SMS messages easily on your computer, Directly download and install your favorite applications on your computer, and supporting overall android brands are some of the most attractive features of iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager


Managing android mobile phones and tablets has become so easy with some best free android PC suites. To help you in selecting the most useful android PC suite, we gathered these top 10 best android PC suites for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and hope you found them useful for you.

Let us know using the comments section below – Which Android PC suite are you using to manage your android device on Windows, Linux, and Mac system?

15 Best Android PC Suite Software for Windows of 2015

The smartness is when you are able to fully control your Android Phone or Tablet with your computer. To become a smart user of smartphone, you should fully know how how to control your smartphone, Android PC suites are the software which help you to carry out various operations on your Android devices like syncing, creating back ups, copying media files, installing apps from PC amd much more. Without it you are only able to transfer your files like you do with your USB.


Many Android PC suites are available but you have to choose perfect ones from them. Feeling lazy? Do not worry we have listed down top 20+ best Android PC suite tools for you.

MobileGo is no doubt the topper of our list. It’s my personal favorite as well. With features like contact syncing, back ups, import messages, call logs, and converting audio/video files, it is the most powerful android PC suite for both Windows and Mac.

MOBILedit! lets you to do a great deal of things like managing phonebook, build-in video editor, backup phone’s substance to computer or cloud storage Account, installing applications from PC to Android phone, managing SMS, MMS, and so on. Supported in both Windows and Mac.


Mobogenie is a complete package containing all-in-one Android smartphone and Android tablet manager for your Windows PC. It makes overseeing Android gadgets a breeze. It gives you a chance to share records, contacts, display, apps and simply anything between your PC and Android gadget. To join your gadget with Mobogenie you must have USB tethering turned on on your Android gadget and afterward Mobogenie will auto-connect with your Android Gadget.

If you’ve been searching for a PC suite for your android device with all-in-one utility to deal with your Android smartphone, SnapPea may be worth looking at. Available only on windows, this all-in-one experience is unmistakably SnapPea’s greatest draw. It offers one application that gives you an option to oversee everything about your smartphone. Conect your smartphone to your PC by means of USB (with USB tethering on) or pair it with the application over Wi-Fi, and take full control over your Android smartphone.

AndroidPC  is a great Android PC Suite which is accessible for Windows, Linux and Macintosh Operating System. As like all regular PC Suites, the Application lets you to exchange archives, messages, photographs, recordings and much more, along with syncing your Android phone or tablet.

Droid Explorer is having command shell window for Windows and Mac that gives you an option to command your Android Device. It includes Drag and Drop feature. You can specifically install or uninstall apps to your Android phone by simple right click.

Apart from basic features like importing photos, recordings, Contacts, SMS, MMS and installing Android Apps from this Android PC Suite, you can specifically download ringtones, themes, and wallpapers for your Android device and change it directly form this tool without any need of doing so from your phone. It is supported on both Windows and Mac

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a magnificent PC suite for Android which lets you portable access to PC in three different ways to manage things on PC. After you connect your Android device to your PC through it, you can without much of a problem, manage your photos, music, recordings, contacts and apps on your smartphone. It is available only for Windows.

Airdroid is unique in relation to other PC suites. You don’t have to install a desktop version if you wish. Its principle interface is on the website page. As long as your Android device is connected to the PC by means of Wi-Fi, you can deal with your device’s picture, apps, contacts and many other things on web. The desktop version is only available for Windows but you can manage your phone from any browser in Mac as well.

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Synchronize your Android gadget with PC and take a back up of your Android’s information with Mobisynapse. Sync Outlook contacts, date-books, undertakings, notes and updates between your Outlook account and Android gadget effectively. It supports Wi-Fi and other web network alternatives as well. It’s a powerful Android PC Suite for your gadget available only on Windows.

Android Commander may not be as prominent as others but yet it is another awesome Android PC suite to match up your Android with your PC. Android Commander PC suite is a multi-tasking suite that let you root as well as flash your Android gadget through shell summon. For advance features Android Commander is the best PC suite available on Windows.

Android Desktop Manager PC suite is an absolutely necessary application for the individuals who adores playing audios and video files, manage and share files on Android smartphones and tablets. It includes the feature which one may require for managing files on Android gadgets.Available on bot Windows and Mac, It is a perfect managing device for Android users to oversee and organise media records like recordings, music, photographs and content documents like contacts and SMS on PC effectively.

At first this application was produced as a smartphone manager for Sony Ericsson, yet later stretched out to bolster Android smartphones since version 1.8. You can connect your smartphone by means of link, Bluetooth or infrared and you can deal with your smartphone with this handy and compact programming. You can match up SMS, phonebook and many more thing along with a Powerful file manager. It is available only on Windows.

If you adore something extremely unique and enjoy titling your gadget’s features around, then consider 91 PC suites for Android with series of tools along with downloads for Android. The package also contain basic features like backing up your Android contacts, instant messages, multi-media messages, and so forth. It is supported only in Windows.

This open source android PC suite is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. It features an basic and easy to use interface, however it has a comparative list of capabilities to Moborobo, and additionally various other android PC Suites. With QtADB, you can take screenshots of your Android cell phone, deal with your contacts, alter contacts, send messages, install/uninstall applications and data transfer.

Top 4 Best Android PC Suite Software (2017)

A PC suite is must have software for phone or tablet users. It lets you transfer and manage large files on a phone from the PC.

PC suite for Android can couple a mobile device to a computer or laptop through WiFi, Bluetooth or a USB connection. It allows you to manage & backup your phone or tablet’s data efficiently.

The software allows users to use their phone as a dial-up modem to setup internet connection. They can function as APK installers. You can use them to install APK which you’ve downloaded on your PC in your mobile. They can transfer video and audio files between 2 devices. You can use an Android PC Suite software to flash custom ROM and update the OS on your mobile device.

If ROM flashing or update fails, you can restore the backup easily with a PC suite application. Not many phone manufacturers have introduced an Android PC Suite software, but there are some third-party companies that have launched powerful desktop applications that allow us to manage data on our phones with ease. Here is the list of four most powerful and reliable PC suite for your Android device.

Best Android PC Suite software

4Web PC Suite

Web PS gives you full control of your mobile or tablet through your PC. File transfer with this PC Suite software between 2 devices takes place over secure HTTPS connection. This software supports batch download and uploads operations. It comes with a text file reader. It allows you to manage contacts, SMS and APK files on your device. Instead of passwords, QR codes set up the connection between mobile and PC.

The above applications support Android devices from all mobile manufacturers.

Download Web PS


The Syncios PC Suite has an inbuilt utility that can convert video & audio files to other formats. You can also create ringtones with it. Syncios can backup and restore iPhone and Android data. It allows you to manage media files on the computer.

Syncios lets you sync your iTunes playlist to Android devices. It allows you to download files from websites. It is compatible with all versions of IOS and Android devices.

Download Syncios

2MOBILedit PC suite

No matter what Android device you connect with the OC, MOBILedit will support it. This software enables you to manage content on your phone over a USB or WiFi connection. With this app, you can manage phonebook and SMS/MMS. You can even move contacts from one device to the other. MOBILedit can function as a ringtone maker & editor. It can transfer pictures from computer to mobile and vice verse. With this app, you can check battery percentage and network signal at your place.

MOBILedit allows you to move data from an old phone to a new device. This software can identify and fix issues in your contacts. MOBILedit has an excellent interface.

Download MOBILedit

1Moboplay PC suite

MoboPlay is a lightweight PC suite software which you can use to manage iPhone or Android data. During installation, the software asks you to select the OS which you want to use the PC suite with. MoboPlay supports IOS and Android OS. Choose your preferred OS and then select the start option.

Once MoboPlay gets installed on your Windows PC, enable the USB debugging mode on your smartphone connect it to the PC. Now, run the PC suite.

MoboPlay lets you install and manage Android or IOS apps and games. This app can function as a bulk IAP uninstaller and installer.

MoboPlay allows users to Backup and Restore data on their smartphone. It has the option to free up the storage memory. MoboPlay comes with an inbuilt ringtone maker utility.

The PC Suite software enables you to manage media files on the MicroSD or the internal storage memory of your mobile phone. It lets you see and manage the queued tasks. MoboPlay supports 9 international languages.

Download MoboPlay for PC.

Conclusion: As you can see above, Android PC Suite software come in handy for various task. They make things easy for non-technical users. If you’re searching for an application which allows you to transfer all types of files, ignore the above software and install Lenovo ShareIT. LS uses WiFi technology to move a bulk of large files to a supported device within few seconds.

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Get PC Suite for all Mobiles

With lots of entertaining media files available for PC and mobile phone users, storing everything into phone can result to jam-parking the storage space with lots of files that can slow down erformance. But, with the use of PC suite you can store all your major files and apps such as music, photos, videos, games, and lots more on your PC and access them right on your phone. There are many file sharing programs equipped with mobile management tools that will allow easy management of music, compose of SMS, view photos or movies. The programs are designed to make it easy for users to transfer content of their PC to phones and also export items from phone to PC. The home screen of PC suite for all mobiles is designed to offer summary of the content of storage card attached to it and phone storage capacity. It works similar to iTunes as it can allow users know space occupied by photos, music, movies, contacts and other contents.

The Best PC Suite for all Mobile Phones

Just by searching the internet you will discover heaps of software designed for file transfer and sharing. But, the truth is that none is as effective and efficient as Wondershare TunesGo. This program is designed to offer users great mobile management experience with their PC. It is designed for easy and fast blazing file sharing experience for all mobile phone users. With this smart and handy mobile phone manager, users can easily master their phones more efficiently and suitably.

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Manage, export&import your Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer.
  • One-click Root - Root your Android phones/tablets to take full control of your device.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported).
  • App Manager - Install, uninstall, import or backup Apps in batch.
  • Gif Maker - Create Gif from photos, motion photos, videos.
  • iTunes Manager - Sync iTunes Music to Android or transfer music from Android to iTunes
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.

There are lots of features associated with TunesGo and the PC suite for all mobiles.

How to Manage and Transfer Files with the Best PC Suite for all Mobile Phones

Transfer Music Between Mobilephone and PC

Transfer Files from Phone to Phone

Backup Mobile Contacts

One-Click Root Android

It is a one-stop mobile manager designed to help you do lots of easy but highly effective mobile management of music files, contacts, photos, SMS as well as apps. Some of the things you can perform using this software include management of contacts, data transfer, data backup and lots of other phone management between your personal computer and your mobile phones such as Android and others. These are among the reasons why Wondershare TunesGo is the best for phone management.

Download Free PC Suite for All Mobile Phones

Today the world revolves around smartphones. Living our life has almost become app based. We access information, buy products, communicate, play and entertain ourselves using our Android or Apple devices. Yet sometime we feel the need for something more to get out of our phones and tabs. That where the PC suite comes in handy. These softwares can be downloaded on your desktop and used to manage, browse and control the content on your phone.

PC suits are great way of bridging the gap between your computer and Android or iOS devices. You can edit and download apps directly from the computer and also receive calls and notifications. We are going to list some PC suits which you can use for any type of phone or tab.

Part 1: The Top 10 PC Suites for Android Phone

1. Wondershare TunesGo PC Suite

We have found this the best PC Suite for Android. It has an elegant and attractive design which is simple to use. It is an all in one PC Suite that gives you total control of your Android phone. You can backup, restore, transfer and install and uninstall apps using this.

The Best PC Suite For Android Phone

One Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Files on Android Phone

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer everything between two mobiles.
  • Highlighted features such as 1-click root, gif maker, ringtone maker.
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.

Security Verified, people have downloaded it

Main features and functions

  • One click phone to phone transfer option
  • Transfer media between Android and iTunes Library
  • Take screenshots of your phone



  • Cannot connect the Android phone via wifi.


This user on Pcadvisor appreciates the PC Suite for its fast and simple approach. The file conversion feature is a added benefit.

2. Moborobo Free PC Suite

Moborobo Free PC Suite can easily organize and transfer the content on your phone. The program scans the content on your phone and puts them in different categories like photos, music, apps.

Download Moborobo

Main features and functions

  • Rooted phones can be synced via wifi
  • Apps can be downloaded from the program's app store called Mobo Market
  • You can uninstall apps in bulk


  • Rooting or jailbreaking not required
  • Full of features


  • Takes a bit of time to install the initial drivers
  • There is some lag in performance


The editor at Softonic reviews the PC suite as a stable and useful application. But Installing drivers for your phone is a drawback.

3. 91 PC Suite

It is an advanced program to control and backup data of your phone. You can edit and create contacts, sms and manage the calendar and to do list. All settings of Android can be accessed.

Download 91 PC Suite.

Main features and functions

  • Features many advanced options.
  • You can download themes and apps directly from 91 PC Suite.


  • Does not drain too much system resource
  • Can be used by beginners and experts without any hassle


  • Contains flash advertisements in the program
  • Can only be connected by USB.


Softpedia editor prefers the software for its lightweight system and considers it a good program to manage your phone.

4. Bluestacks Free PC Suite

It lets you transfer apps and phone content to your pc. You can play the graphics intensive games on desktop. Apps can also be directly installed on pc using this. You can enjoy your favorite game and use whatsapp simultaneously.

Download Bluestacks.

Main features and functions

  • It features cloud connect
  • Bluestack app player downloads apps directly from the web browser


  • Runs the heavy games without any glitch
  • Consumes less amount of pc RAM


  • System requirements are high
  • You cannot control apps on the home screen
  • Prompts for purchases


The review on Laptopmag website finds the program to be sales driven. Though it does the job of running apps on pc quite efficiently.

5 . Andy Free PC Suite

It is best for playing games and accessing the Android file system on the phone. It is able to data sync, browse files and control notifications. It automatically updates the Android version on your phone.

Download Andy

Main features and functions

  • The phone can be used as remote control to play games
  • Supports full multi-touch gestures
  • Rooting of Android OS


  • The program can be customized
  • Presents complete Android interface


  • Works only with Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • The programs malfunctions sometime


Softonic finds the program to offer great emulator experience. It is great for advanced users who can edit and customize it according to their preferences.

6. Youwave

Youwave is best for testing apps on your computer before installing them to your phone. It also runs apps on your pc. You can sync and move files between phone and PC.

Download Youwave.

Main features and functions

  • SD card functionality to share content between pc and Android device
  • Supports online multiplayer games


  • Apt for testing apps
  • Perfect Android emulation


  • Does not work with Android Kitkat version
  • Unable to run some apps


The editor review at Softonic suggests that Youwave offers one of the best Android experience on pc. But it is not very stable as many apps fail to run on it.

7. MOBILedit

You can access your phone content and easily modify them using this powerful tool. The PC Suite takes backup of your files while you are browsing them. You can view the files according to a timeline.

Download Mobiledit

Main features and functions

  • Can connect through USB, Bluetooth and Infrared
  • Auto backup feature
  • Supports MS Outlook and Outlook Express


  • Gives total access to phone data
  • Works with most phones available


  • It is more expensive than the other softwares


In a review at Pcworld, it says the program is good for phone management through pc. But the drawback is its price.

8. Android SDK

Android has released their own PC Suite. It gives you all features of a emulator and is best for app developers. It is best for developing apps and testing them.

Get Android SDK

Main features and functions

  • Gives complete access to phone hardware and software
  • Serves as a platform for building new apps and testing them
  • Numerous options and features for customization


  • It is an intensive development tool
  • Best for testing apps


  • Using it can be a bit difficult as it is aimed for professionals


It is the best platform to create and develop apps according to the Softonic review.


It can be used to sync and manage data between your pc and phone. It is also able to root and recover your device. It supports MAc, Linux and Windows.

Download QTADB.

Main features and functions

  • Shell commands can be executed
  • Able to manage texts and messages from pc
  • Able to root Android device.


  • Offers a wide range of features
  • One of the comprehensive PC Suites


  • Requires installation of Android SDK to function


The reviewer at Technorm feels it does not offer anything new but only presents old features in one program.

10.Xamarin Android player

Xamarin has been created by a programming company. You can control your phone efficiently and manage apps on it. It has been reported to be almost bug free.

Main features and functions

  • Useful for developers to run and test their apps
  • Gives complete Android feel


  • Works with all different Android versions
  • Program controls are easy to understand and use


  • You need to download Virtualbox to run this which in itself is a large download.


A software reviewer on Findmysoft feels it provides realistic Android phone experience on the computer without any problems.

Part 2: The Best 5 PC Suites for iPhone

1. Syncios iOS & Android Manager

It is a good PC Suite for your iPhone and iOS devices. You can transfer, edit and browse your iPhone easily. It is totally free.

Download Syncios iOS & Android Manager

Main features and functions

  • Shows general phone information like iOS version, serial number
  • Features audio and video converter
  • Has a ringtone maker


  • Good performance and easy to operate
  • Has a builtin media player


  • Installs additional software without permission.


The Cnet review says it is an useful program for iPhone users to manage convert and transfer data between phone and pc.

2. Apowersoft Phone Manager

Backup, restore, browse and transfer your iPhone content using this software is quite simple. You can also send messages from your pc just like from phone.

Download it here.

Main features and functions

  • A header bar with recognizable icons provides quick access to apps
  • Can be synced with WiFi
  • Easy to create backup


  • The visual interface makes it very easy to use
  • Countless options and useful tools


  • It is a bit difficult to set up
  • Syncing of device is slow and difficult.


Softpedia considers it a good choice for less tech savvy users. It performs all the essential tasks effectively.

3. Pushbullet

It is another PC Suite for iPhone users to connect to pc. It can send texts and links, manage notifications and enable you to chat using your pc.

Download Pushbullet.

Main features and functions

  • Mapped addresses from Apple maps can be sent to phone as a link
  • Few easy tabs to manage phone data
  • Features RSS feeds


  • Fast and easy
  • Can send texts, links and notifications with one click


  • Requires sign up and a Facebook or Google account to use it
  • Previous free features are now paid


Pcmag reviews it as a handy tool for transferring data between iPhone and computer. Though they state that there are better options available.

4. MobiKin Assistant for iOS

It is a popular software that is used by iPhone users to transfer and manage files via pc. It can retrieve lost data and restore too.

Download MobiKin Assistant for iOS.

Main features and functions

  • Keyword based search of phone content
  • Folders and complete playlists can be transferred


  • Compatible with multiple iOS devices
  • Creates backup in 3 simple steps


Lags sometimes.


One user on Cnet calls this software really convenient for managing iPhone files on pc.

5. iPhone PC Suite

This program gives you more than iTunes can. You can use it to sync data with your pc and perform all tasks of a PC Suite. Download here.

Main features and functions

  • Easily backs up and restores iTunes
  • Delete multiple photos in batch
  • Converts videos and music to iOS formats


  • Provides many backup options
  • Easy to use


  • Has compatibility issues with some antivirus programs
  • Has lags and freezes sometime


Users on called this a great software to manage their iPhone. On the other hand, some users reported that the program crashed on startup.

Comparison Chart:

We have made a chart which will help you to pick the right PC suite for yourself. The softwares have been judged on various parameters.

TunesGo Andrid PC Suite could also help you root your Android phone easily. Why not download it have a try? If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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