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10 Best Note Apps for Android in 2016

One of the things that I liked immediately after I gotten my first smartphone is the ability to jot down my thoughts and others on a note. While I still love using good old pen and paper to illustrate ideas, having the ability to always carry my to-do list, shopping list and important notes with me in my pocket all the time is great. 

Like many other mobile tools, you will need the right note taking apps to better perform the task according to your specific needs. Whether you are going back to school are looking for a solution to take notes during meetings, there will be a note-taking app for you.

The amount of note apps available in Google Play Store will overwhelm even the savviest smartphone user. It would be a much easier search if you know what you want out of your note taking app - be it something fast and simple for quick notes, or something comprehensive with a lot of features for heavy-duty note taking. If you are the kind who uses multiple devices, it is also important to note that an app that is able to sync between devices would be most useful for you.

Read on to find our 10 best note apps for Android this year!

(Price: Free)

If you are using Android, you are probably familiar with Google's note-taking app. It comes highly recommended by people who love using Google services. It has a vibrant interface that is inspired by Material Design, which is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The app allows users to add images and audio files on the notes and can be integrated with Google Drive so that it will be easier to share with others.

(Price: Free and optional subscription)

This is probably one of the go-to note-taking apps that is well-known and highly useful. It has a variety of features such as notebook support, organisational tools, collaboration capabilities and cross-platform compatibility. The optional subscription will give you additional storage, offline access, PDF editing etc.

(Price: Free)

For a simpler version of Google Keep, try ColorNote. It is an awesome app if you are only needing it to write down reminders and lists. If you colour coordinate everything, this app will be your dream come true. The app also have calendar and backup support for users.

(Price: Free)

Despite its juniority in the note taking app universe, it has been gaining fans and positive reviews. It is a note taking app that is just used to take quick notes without any other additional features.

(Price: Free)

For fun note taking, get FiiNote for your Android device. It has a grid background and stylus/ drawing capabilities so that you can type, write or draw notes. You can insert images, audio and video files when needed.

(Price: Free with in-app purchases)

If you need a note taking app that is built for longer notes, this is it. You can create folders to put all your notes in, a security system to keep confidential notes private and syncing options. You will also be able to create themes to organise your notes.

(Price: Free)

As its name implies, this is one of the simplest note apps for Android. Its developers intentionally leave out additional features to ensure that the app does not bog down your Android device and help speed its performance. You can still, however, sync your notes between devices and it uses tags and pins to help you organise your notes.

(Price: Free)

OneNote is Microsot's OneDrive equivalent of Google Keep for Google Drive. Since it is an application that is part of Microsoft Office's powerful productivity apps, you can bet that it is full of useful features including organising features, cross-platform support, widgets, Android Wear support and collaborating capabilities. 

(Price: Free or $0.99)

Are you a doodler? Doodlers like you would love this app for its note-taking, drawing, doodling and sketching abilities. You are able to seamlessly transition between free-flow drawing to note typing, making it a very versatile app. You can keep unlimited number of notes, colour coordinates your notes for better organisation and keep information secure with the passcode feature.


(Price: Free demo/ $3.59)

This app is a powerful note taking tool that is highly popular and positively reviewed by students and lecturers alike. This is probably because it is specifically built for academia and professional use. It is one of the first apps to add stylus support to its features. Additionally, it supports OneNote and Evernote files so that you can keep collaborating with users who are using these apps. You can also record videos while taking notes.

From the very comprehensive to the very simple, we have given you our top 10 picks. Did we miss some great note taking apps? Do direct us to their download links so that we can have a go at them and maybe put them in our next best note taking apps for Android! If you are just trying out this kind of app, do let us know which ones you like best and why.

xDevice Android-Note

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На нижней, не основной рабочей части экрана, с обеих сторон от софт-клавиши, есть 2 экранные кнопки. Левая кнопка – вход в меню и правая — кнопка возврата на предыдущую страницу. Они имеют белую подсветку которая загорается только при прикосновении к кнопке. Реакция есть только на палец. На сторонние предметы, кнопки, так же как и экран, не реагируют. Реакция на нажатие безошибочна.

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Best note-taking apps for Android

Technology has developed rapidly over the course of the last few years, paving a way for innovation and establishing itself on a pedestal. Gone are the days when bringing a sticky note or a pad with you helped you to keep track of your tasks and assignments. Now, you just need your device and you’ll never miss those important dates again.

Because our devices are vital to our everyday lives, the Google Play Store is absolutely brimming with note-taking apps. We’ve put together a list of the top note-taking apps for your Android device, so you’ll never have an excuse to not take notes again.

No doubt, the first thing you will see when searching for a note app for your Android device is Evernote. It has the highest number of downloads and is voted as one of the must-have Android app by New York Times, making it the most popular note-taking application. Evernote has amazed a lot of its users with its simplicity and functionality. Practically, it’s available for every platform. You can save your file on your desktop and sync it to different devices such as your iPhone or your BlackBerry for viewing or editing.

One of Evernote’s main features is the ability to take photos so you can attach it to your notes for reference. You can also share your notes with your colleagues via email or Facebook. Tweets can also be saved in Evernote. Evernote can also record voice reminders, so you won’t forget the important dates. Evernote’s downside, however, is being unable to access your saved files without an Internet connection. For offline access, you’ll need to sign up for Evernote’s premium service at US$45 per year.

If you are looking for the electronic version of a Post It, then this app has got to be it. Its simple UI and user-friendly menu makes it a perfect choice for people always on the go. Creating a note is as simple as one-two-three. ColorNote Notepad Notes comes with tiny, beautiful widgets which make it convenient to scribble anytime of the day while giving you the ultimate freedom to choose the color of the note. If you’re going shopping, use ColorNote Notepad Notes to make sure that you’ve got all the items you need. If you want, you could also secure your notes with a password, called a Locknote, which is very important especially if you will be storing confidential information. It surely does what it is expected of a notepad and best of all, you don’t have to spend a cent to own it.

If a simple and elegant interface is what you seek in a note app, Catch Notes is definitely the answer. Catch Notes doesn’t only look visually pleasing but it also has a functional dashboard for quick access to features. It enables you to attach multiple photos and voice recordings in one note. You can also enabled Catch Notes to send you important reminders. Searching for notes had never been so easy until Catch Notes; you can filter your search results alphabetically, by stars or by tags.

The free version of Catch Notes can create up to 3 streams for sharing notes and working with other contributors. You have the option to upgrade the app to Catch Pro, allowing you to create 10 streams and attach Office/PDF files or Catch Premier for up to 50 maximum streams and 5 MB storage of new information monthly. You won’t ever worry about running out of storage space for your notes.

Another excellent app from developer is AK Notepad. Users have been raving about how astonishingly simple yet very handy and operative it is. Many have tried downloading various note apps but ended up deleting everything except this one. You have the freedom to change its theme according to your preference. You can import and export the notes, set up a password and securely back notes up on, or have them saved on your SD card. This means you can download your notes anytime and anywhere you want. Speed and interaction is very commendable.

AK Notepad comes with wonderful widgets and you can always pin your favorite and important notes on the homescreen. You won’t have to root around to find that note that you really need. The things you can’t do, though, is resizing the widgets. AK Notepad has minimal size options and lacks the ability to place your notes in folders but otherwise, AK Notepad is perfect for typing those random notes or thoughts. Best of all, AK Notepad is free.

Created by developer SoftXPerience, Note Everything is great for everyday use, especially during times when you need to take notes. Note Everything does what it is told to do, from creating text and voice notes to drawing with your finger and making to-do lists. It consistently saves your files, fast, without any questions, and opens a file right away.

Although it allows you to email and text your notes, this is not an app for advanced users as it has no sync and export function. This may be something you’ll want to consider, especially if you intend to share your work and collaborate with others. Regardless, a lot of users find themselves upgrading to Note Everything’s paid subscription. It enables password protection for your notes and lets you stick your memos to the status bar. The best thing about Note Everything is you could share your notes with the Dropbox application so you have a copy of your notes anywhere you go.

You’ll completely enjoy having the InkPad NotePad app on your device. This app is user-friendly and just like on real paper, you don’t have to press anything just to save your note. Its auto-save feature makes it stand out from the rest of the pack and lets you type anything you want without worrying about saving it.

The free version of InkPad NotePad supports unlimited synchronizing and has a history feature when you use it online. Oh, and the synchronizing feature is automatic; you don’t have to do it manually every time you finish composing a note. The app also has an auto-rotate screen setting, which is uncommon for note-taking apps. InkPad NotePad’s sorting style makes it very convenient for the user because of its list system. Simply check or uncheck your notes to delete them or to move them to the bottom. This app has a relatively small file size, occupying only 19 kB, which is perfect if you’re only after a simple note-taking app.

Does the name sound familiar? There’s no reason for you to forget that grocery list or those very important meeting schedules as you can store all those details in the palm of your hand. That is, unless you forgot to bring your phone.

Note Pad by developer perfectly mimics the concept of a real writing pad. You can tweak the app to a text size of your choice and easily sort your notes out. Note Pad also has the ability to import and export your notes from your SD card. You can send your notes via email to make sure you’ve got a back up or to share them with friends and co-workers. There are no hidden ads in Note Pad, nor does it request any bogus, questionable permissions. Note Pad is not perfect, however. It’s so simple and straightforward that it lacks some essential features. Password protection or encryption is especially important for users who like to store personal information on their mobile devices. Note Pad could also benefit greatly from a sync feature.

Another wonderful note-taking app is Mobisle Notes-Notepad by Mobisle Apps who have also made Mobisle Notes-Gdocs Notepad. This app also features a very simple, back to basic note pad, enabling you to write down notes, ideas, schedules and to-do lists in a blink. You can organize your notes in folders and secure passwords. Mobisle Notes-Notepad also has a global search box if you are having difficulty searching through your vast collection of notes. If you’re done with a note, you can just delete it by checking it off. You can share your notes with your friends online via a URL. You can also collaborate with them on a project. Mobisle Notes-Notepad has automatic sync features which is great for shared notes. It also has the added feature of converting numbers into clickable links for dial or save options. Mobisle Notes-Notepad’s drawback, however, is that you need to pay around US$2 to have an ad-free app. The app however is more than worth it.

From the word itself, Notes is a replica of the common notepad we have on our desktops. Made by Dev Yuli, Notes’ major features include importing notes from SMS, photo notes, and encryption. Notes has great backup support and gives you the option to export data to your memory card. It also runs very smoothly, but needs a little improvement in its interface.

Notes features easy access for opening, deleting and editing notes and a built-in reminder function. You can label your notes for easy organization and have them protected with a password. Notes is a basic app built for people who don’t want note-taking to feel like a chore. You don’t even need to read through how to’s as Notes is very simple to use. Notes’ cons are the inability to send your notes via email and sync them online. You can only keep your Notes to yourself, which might be a drawback when you need to share your notes and work on them with others.

Wondering what the G means? You guessed it. GNotes is a note-taking/organizer app that allows easy synchronization with your Gmail account. You just need to set up your account and voila, every note you enter is stored in your Gmail account, allowing you to easily share your notes online with family and friends. GNotes lets you do a lot of things, from image drawing to painting. You can attach audio or video files. GNotes supports a lot of file types and gives the user the flexibility to choose between list view and thumbnail view. Users can also arrange their notes according to priorities. You can stick a single note on your home screen–perfect for those important appointments you should never miss. GNotes has an elegant, minimalistic interface, and lets you create folders to organize your notes. GNotes is highly recommended for users who like to stream their notes.

With so many note-taking apps on the Google Play Store to choose from, leave that bulky notebook at home and keep your notes with you, everywhere you go. If your favorite note-taking app didn’t make it to the list, share it with us in the comments below.

Best note taking apps for Android: the definitive list for organizing your life

Here are the best note taking apps for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

Best note taking app for multi-function use: Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note apps for Android because of its clean interface and multi-use functionality. Despite offering a large number of functions, it is still surprisingly easy to navigate. You can share notes with coworkers or classmates, attach notes right from the app, scan text in a photo, create to-do lists, save every type of note to one place and so much more. Other apps in its class have yet to compete with its balance of functionality and simplicity, and that has kept it at the top.

Evernote was primarily for casual use but changes over the last two years have made it a great app for business. Never fear though, it is still great for personal note taking because it retains its inherent simplicity. It never feels like work when you use it to take notes outside of the office.

Evernote is extremely versatile: you can make notes wherever or whenever you are, and it can sync with all your devices so you can quickly modify everything. Because of its wide-ranging functionality, it is a bit difficult to become proficient in, but it's certainly the easiest of all the big, all-encompassing note taking apps to use. 

The smooth interface gives Evernote its clean feel. / © ANDROIDPIT Evernote - stay organized.

Best note taking app for writers: Diaro

Sometimes inspiration comes in unusual places, and Diaro enables you to take these thoughts and transfer them to your other devices. If you sit down at a park and suddenly come up with an idea, this app lets you write freely for however long you choose. 

This app is best suited to writers because it is optimal for longer notes rather than quick memos. Its writing interface is similar to what most writers are used to in a word processor and their long text can be organized and searched easily. 

Writers often need to transfer their notes to a larger document and this is where Diaro shines. It syncs effortlessly and works across multiple platforms. It’s password protected too, so if you write a journal or a diary, then you will have peace-of-mind knowing that someone else isn’t reading your private thoughts.

Writing on the fly is easier and more integrated with Diaro. / © ANDROIDPIT Diaro - diary, journal, notes

Best note taking app for collaboration: Quip

Quip is a superb collaborative app, with an easy sharing function and the ability to track changes to documents. Everyone in your group can collaborate on the same document or spreadsheet from any device, anywhere. You simply create a chat room and everyone can add their notes to the discussion.

Quip is ideal for organizations and there are many businesses that rely on it. Teams can create notifications to ensure tasks are completed. Your team can import documents from Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. After you have finished collaborating, you can change the format to Word or PDF, print the notes or share them with others outside of the group.

It isn’t quick to start using but most people need it for the long haul so they are willing to invest the time into learning it. If it is mandated by an organization, there could be an expert who can give tutorials and streamline the process.

Collaboration is fast and you can track all changes. / © ANDROIDPIT Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets

Best note taking app for creativity: Squid

Squid lets you get creative with your notes. If you like to doodle, consider yourself a bit of a calligrapher or are just nostalgic for paper notes, then Squid is for you.

Squid is great for students because it is very easy to add quick notes or symbols to a PDF. Handwritten notes next to keywords or definitions are excellent for studying or getting ideas for a term paper but you must upgrade your account to use this feature.

It works well on a phone but is ideal for tablet use. The reasons are obvious – more space enables you to draw more and it also works great with a stylus.

A combination of creativity and note taking. / © ANDROIDPIT Squid: Take Notes, Markup PDFs

Best note taking app for organization: Color Note

Color Note has fewer features than the other apps here. It has with a simple color-coded organization scheme. So, for example, you could use yellow for grocery reminders, and then simply look at your yellow list when you get to the store.

If you find yourself writing a lot of notes, writing a lot in the notes, need to add pictures or videos, or need a lot of sharing functions, then you may want to pick a different app.

Sort by color or by modified time. / © ANDROIDPIT ColorNote Notepad Notes

Best note taking app for MS Office integration: OneNote

OneNote is an older app (from 2003) originally created by Microsoft to make your lists easier to organize. It has since been expanded to include many multimedia features, such as recording video and audio.

In addition to being integrated with MS Office, it is great for travelers. You can clip pictures from the internet and add them to your itineraries. This could be a map or something you saw on a museum website or a travel blog. You can then add a drawing or make a note on the side with your finger.

It also has some features that outperform the much better-rated Evernote, such as more free storage space.

Itineraries and lists are optimized with OneNote. / © ANDROIDPIT OneNote

Best note taking app for tasks: Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best organization apps for Android, it effortlessly organizes your notes and makes them searchable. It syncs to Google Drive too, so you can access them from the cloud on any device.

Keep is supported by your Google account so it’s easy to add notes to your docs, spreadsheets, etc. Many organizations are choosing Google Drive over MS Office for a lot of their tasks, and Keep can keep you integrated with Google. That’s the real power of Keep. Often, tasks need to be completed in different places and it gives you the ability to do check in on what needs doing, wherever you might be.

Like a lot of multi-use apps, it takes some getting used to, but your note taking will be more productive once you get the hang of it.

Organize your tasks and set an alarm to ensure they get done. / © ANDROIDPIT Google Keep

Best note taking app for ideas: Simplenote

Once you fire up Simplenote, you'll notice one thing: there isn't much going on. That's because this app is super lightweight, both in terms of size (4.5 MB) and resource-demanding functionality. You simply type in notes, add tags if you like and hit the share button if you feel so inclined. 

You can also create a Simplenote account. Once you punch in an email address and password you'll be able to back up notes, work with them on the web and sync across different devices. Other cool features include setting up a secure PIN lock and switching between a dark or light theme (dark is reminiscent of Android 4.0).

Where Simplenote differs from other Android note apps is that it isn't concerned so much with keeping organized, or staying busy, but rather with offering a home for all your ideas and e-scribbles. Simplicity, as the name implies, is Simplenote's strength. It functions similarly to Google Keep but has a cleaner interface and loads faster. 

Simplenote makes note taking simpler. / © ANDROIDPIT Simplenote

Best note taking app for Minimalism: Monospace

Monospace is a new (still in beta) minimalist-designed note taking app that's about as simple as it gets. If you want a note taking app with no bells and whistles then this is the ticket. Its interface reminds me of 90's Windows file folders with modern Android functions.

Creating a new note in Monospace is like any other note taking app. You just click on the button in the lower-right hand corner and a new note will pop up. You can either choose a folder or have Monospace automatically choose it. Once you're finished it records the time plus the word count. You can then export it or put it into a folder. All folders are viewed from the home screen of the app.

It has Google Drive Sync capabilities but you need a Pro account, which costs around $5. You can have your notes automatically shared between the Monospace app and your Google Drive. Unless you really need to sync with Google Drive there really is no reason to buy a Pro account. The other Pro features are uninspiring.

Monospace was designed for simplicity. © ANDROIDPIT Monospace - Writing and Notes

What do you use Android note taking apps for? Which note taking app do you think is the best?

Top 12 Note Taking Apps for Android in 2016

12. Fast Notepad.

Price: Free


Key features: The app is a precise note app with decent options for editing on Notes. The free app has pretty fast install features and is complete pack with editing options such as color and font and also the provision of sharing and syncing notes across devices.

11. FiiNote

Price: Free


Key features: It is the latest of the note app available for androids.A neat design for tablets and phones with a reserved option for both the class. The app is specifically productive on Android devices with an extensive convenience on features for Android phones. You can even paint and draw your ideas within this note taking apps, making you do a lot more than just writing.

10. Box Notes.

Price- Free


Key features: The Box Note is easy to use basic note taking app featuring the essential utilities in editing and saving notes on Android. An effective productivity tool if you have more reasons for brief notes without much hassle of finding in-app options on Box Notes. You can save the notes over the cloud as well along with importing other Notes from the library of your device.

9. Notepad+

Price: Free


Features: It is a total app for Androids and cross platforms. Notepad + is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps with a complete set of options and features, on any of the other Note App available for Android devices. The app comes with extended support for Note taking features and much more elaborate work on the compatibility option.

8. Lecture Notes.

Price: $3.59.


Key Features: A professional note taking app that has many customizable options and is a quite contender for app notes for Androids. You get to have handwritten notes saved with this app. The apps are selected on the resources for taking notes in classes and lectures with utilities for instant and fast editing and retrieval of notes on your Android.

7. Quip.

Price: Free


Key Features - A pre-launched app from the modern productivity suite, that has complete comfort in organizing notes and sharing features.You can take notes along with pics and organize them in specific ways for easy access. Truly, one of the better apps available for Android.

6. Simple Note.

Price- Free


Key Features: Simply, one of the easiest apps to take notes on your Android. A quick and compact app with all the regular editing options along with a surprising set of additional features. You get to have reminders as well as blog ideas to take notes easily, when you need. A quintessential note app if you prefer swift and hasty notes. But the luxury of secondary editing and sharing options are limited as compared to the other Note apps available for Android.

5. Note Everything.

Price- Free


Key Features: One of the high ends supports for taking notes on Android. The app feature provision of taking notes through text, voices and paint notes. You can record your voice when taking the note so as to save in any additional information you want easily. The note app comes with a multitude of useful adjustments such as individual shortcuts on the homescreen and specially organized folders on the homescreen. Perhaps one of the finest free note apps for your Android.

4. Color Note.

Price: Free


Key Features: A valued application for your Android. The Color Note is more appealing for brief notes, since the options are more like those of sticky notes, with an enhanced option for editing and organizing note files. The interface is simple and you can choose from a number of features including bookmarking URL's to writing in colors to just writing down 'quick thoughts'. The free app is quite swift and manageable with instant access to the features and options in the app.

3. Google Keep.

Price: Free


Key Features: The very own note-taking app from Google. A complete design originally for the Android devices. A collection of colored and synched notes that is a complete utility on your Android. The install option comes with all the conventional features built-in in the app. You can save all of the notes in easy to read manner, that you can access right from the home screen of the app.

2. Microsoft One Note.

Price- Free


Key Features: Originally, the integral part of Microsoft suite, the app is one of the finest for Androids as well. Each note in Microsoft One Note is comprehended with many underlying features crafted with a careful introspection though the functional preferences and hence is one of the best apps for notes in Android. You can draw really complex pictures with this one and take complex notes in an easy manner that can be saved over the cloud and access on any other device you own.

1. Evernote.

Price: Free


Key Features: Perhaps the best-known app that offers a complete note based solution for Android. Quick and easy access to features and many more aspects in the app such as clipper, Optical Character Recognition, scans, printing options etc. Impeccably, the most successful and reliable for notes in the last decade with the reserve of the latest inclusion in the utilities.

It is obvious that these productivity apps are one of the finest to come handy on the Android devices, since the very root of the Androids, these days lies in the better options for editing and sharing information. These apps are one of the specialized in specific areas for a high degree of quality and utility for Android Users.

15 best Free Note taking app for Android

Save anything that crosses your mind and store all useful information with the best free Android note taking app.

There are many applications available on the Play Store to create notes with your Android device. Most of them equipped with very user-friendly features that allow you to make notes, sort them, and always keep on hand, and sync it with other applications. To help you organize yourself, here we made a list of best note apps, suitable for adding personal notes, endless shopping lists, lists of things that you need to take a trip, to-do lists, etc.

Let’s explore the best free apps to take note on android:

1. Evernote

Evernote is simply one of the best note capturing apps for Android that allows you to do almost everything within the application. You can use this app to write any kind of note, also for recording voice notes or store pictures if they contain text that can be recognized by the OCR servers for future searches. You will also be able to organize your notes, tag them, make them do lists, reminders, and more. With its cross-platform integration, store your files in the cloud and access them from any of your mobile devices, and background note taking capabilities, you can use this app for anything.

Download Evernote Here (Free)

2. OneNote

OneNote is the application of Microsoft dedicated to taking all kinds of notes. OneNote allows you to create up to 500 text notes or images, can be added from your gallery or directly from the camera of the smartphone. The application also supports traditional lists accompanied by the usual check boxes and to add formatted text and hyperlinks.

All your notes in one place and with you, anywhere. Type or jot down notes, record audio or snap a picture and OneNote saves it. Your notes sync across your devices so you can access them wherever you go.Download OneNote Here (Free)

3. Simplenote

With Simplenote, you can create simple notes, tag and set the notes to appear on the top of the list. In the navigation bar, you can see all the notes or filter by tags, and use their search engine to locate a note. If you have an account with the service, you can enjoy the synchronization between all your devices through its application for Android, iOS and web version. The application is very easy and simple to use.

Download Simplenote Here (Free)

4. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep is a notebook and organizer from Google that provides a possible way to take notes in Evernote style. Write down your thoughts, objectives or goals, set reminders or store a variety of photos, pictures in one place – Google Keep. To quickly access the service, you’ll find a widget on the desktop of your phone or tablet that enables you to create quick notes, lists, notes using voice recognition (audio per note) or capture notes with your device camera. A service that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness, and also has an elegant interface, based on the “Holo” standard set by Google.

Download Google Keep Here (Free)

5. Fetchnotes

Love hashtags? Then you will enjoy this app since you now have the opportunity to use them to sort your notes in Fetchnotes. Fetchnotes allows you to make lists of scheduled cases and take notes, and then bind them to different hashtags. You can get all the notes associated with one hashtag. It’s simple and surprisingly powerful.

Download Fetchnotes Here (Free)

6. GNotes – Sync Notes with Gmail

GNotes is an application for creating notes on your device, and at the same time organizer. GNotes easily synchronized with your Gmail-account. GNotes has many functions, including the creation of drawings. You can add notes to the audio or video and sort your notes by priority. GNotes supports many different file formats and allows the user to choose between the submission of a list or as icons. GNotes has an elegant, minimalistic interface that allows you to create folders and organizes your notes.

Download GNotes Here (Free)

7. SomNote – Beautiful note app

A very responsive, fast, accurate, easy to use app for taking notes. The folder feature is great, as is the way that you can arrange the folders in the order you want. Very beautifully designed private journal app that offers high-speed access. Every journal and file written and attached in SomNote will be synced automatically after you log-in. SomNote will keep everything you write safely even if you initialize or lose your mobile.Get SomNote (Free)

8. ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. You can organize notes by color and use a feature of sticky note memo widget to put your notes on your home screen.Get ColorNote (Free)

9. FiiNote, note everything

FiiNote is the most convenient note app. It is designed for both Phone and Tablet featuring a unique hybrid model for combined handwriting and keyboard.

The app supports text, paint, handwritng, importing media files and many more useful functions. The app even comes witha built in recorder app.Get FiiNote (Free)

10. NoNonsense Notes

A simple and beautiful app for taking notes and tracking todo-lists. The app is completely free to use. You can set reminders at a certain time, with optional repetition at certain days of the week. It also has Integration with Android Agenda Widget and multiple themes.Get NoNonsense Notes (Free)

11. Squid (formerly Papyrus)

What else could we ask for, as now we can take handwritten notes naturally on our tablet or phone? With Squid, you can write just like you would on paper using an active pen, passive stylus, or your finger. Organize your notes within notebooks and increase your productivity.

A very well resolved application for taking handwritten notes with a stylus or your finger. The application allows you to write, draw or make notes with your finger on a phone or tablet. Moreover, it is possible to undo the writing or re-enable it while others draw on various functions in word processors such as font size, font color, different thicknesses for the stroke, export to PDF, email or share with Evernote.

Get Squid (Free)

12. Omich Notes

This is very simple app to manage your notes. Very fast. No annoying bugs and great graphics. Get it today to get your work in order.Get Omich Notes (Free)

13. LectureNotes

LectureNotes is an app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus. It has been designed for students or lecturers who are using it for taking handwritten notes during a lecture.Buy LectureNotes ($3.59)

14. Secret Notes

Preserve you bank accounts, e-mail accounts, any passwords safe in here. Note search ability, Limitless notes & Different themes, colors and fonts can be changeable. Back-up passcode with secret question.Get Secret Notes (Free)

15. Keep My Notes: Wordpad & Diary

This is a help like one of your diary or a private notebook. You can write on all the notes to remember and research notes without the need for internet connection. You can lock all your private notes with a password. Adjust the text font color used for notes or diary making.
Control the text size used when taking notes. Spell check text of your notebook and diary.Get Keep My Notes (Free)

A large number of note saving apps are available on google play store but, these best free apps are powerful enough to handle all your note taking demands. Download them and try out on your device then decide which one suits your need. Did I miss out any of the note saving app that should be mentioned? Well, you are always welcome to share the name.

Альтернативный взгляд на Samsung Galaxy Note 8 —

2 августа 2017

Илья Субботин





Субъективные «за» и «против», восприятие с позиции поклонника линейки.

За всё время своего «общения» со смартфонами я по какой-то причине преимущественно тяготел к небольшим по размеру моделям, возможно, потому, что они легче помещались в кармане джинсов или брюк и не оттягивали его. Поэтому внезапный переход на SGN4 стал в каком-то смысле революционным для моего пользовательского опыта. Аппарат «помог» понять все преимущества большой диагонали и QHD-разрешения, впрочем, последнее перестало быть столь актуальным для меня в последнее время. Дошло даже до того, что я всерьёз готовился к покупке Note 7, изучал слухи и знакомился с первыми обзорами на зарубежных тематических площадках. По всем известным причинам покупка не состоялась, но идея о покупке фаблета какое-то время сидела в голове. И вот от анонса Note 8 нас отделяют три недели, за это время с большой долей вероятности в сети появится множество близких к реальному положению дел деталей, но вполне возможно, что Samsung оставит что-то на десерт и сможет удивить. Хочу поделиться некоторыми мыслями о грядущем аппарате.

Внешний вид

Визуальная дифференциация фаблетов линейки Note всегда работала им на плюс, гаджеты выделялись на полках магазинов и в руках пользователей, далеко не всегда дело было в размере: в дело вступали материалы корпуса и стилус, а также цветовое оформление. Что же мы увидим 23 августа?

S8 Plus с двумя камерами и стилусом

На большинстве визуализированных на основе слухов моделей аппарата он предстаёт именно таким: похожим на восьмое поколение линейки Galaxy S за некоторыми исключениями. Двойная камера и стилус — это всё, что может «выдать» Note 8. И это, на мой взгляд, так себе перспектива. Несомненно, в Samsung видят будущее за Infinity Display и 18,5:9. Но не отвернёт ли это пользователей прошлых поколений Note, которые привыкли, что в их аппаратах свой дизайнерский язык, отличный от флагманов S-серии? В выводах к одному из выпусков Беседки я писал, что мне сложно пользоваться узкими аппаратами, я привык к широкому экрану. Но с тех пор моё отношение к Infinity Display изменилось в положительную сторону. Подержав в руках и немного поработав с S8 / S8+, я для себя понял, что потеря в ширине (10.5 и 5.2 мм соответственно) не является для меня чем-то таким, к чему невозможно привыкнуть. Более непростой задачей мне представляется процесс привыкания к идее, что Note 8 станет чуть более продвинутой версией S8 Plus.

Чем руководствовались дизайнеры Samsung? Вполне возможно, что тут сыграли сразу несколько факторов:

  • переход на новый дизайнерский язык и попытка поддержать успешный тренд
  • отказ от вызывающего негативные ассоциации образа и подобия Note 7
  • вероятный отказ от линейки Note в будущем и сглаживание потенциальных «углов»

В последний пункт (см. выше) не хочется верить, но первая реакция на внешнее сходство с S8 Plus была именно такой. На данном этапе компании важно противопоставить грядущему iPhone своё бескомпромиссное решение и Note 8 имеет все шансы стать таковым.

С одной стороны я понимаю намерения Samsung, но всё же мне жаль, что наследие Note потеряло былую значимость. Я уверен, что в ПО нового фаблета будут заложены уникальные возможности, завязанные именно на взаимодействии стилусом, но, по крайней мере, сейчас много оптимизма этот факт не прибавляет.


Самый дорогой смартфон Samsung, цена будет колебаться в районе тысячи долларов. И вот в чем парадокс: несмотря на вроде бы стабильный характер дохода, я стал довольно придирчиво относиться к финансовой стороне покупки чего-либо. Возможно, семья накладывает свои изменения, но 65-70 тысяч за смартфон я смогу себе позволить лишь если накоплю эти деньги, они не в вписываются в моё представление о той сумме, которую я готов разово потратить.

Своего покупателя аппарат найдёт, интересно будет посмотреть на первые продажи и бонусы, которые будут предложены первым предзаказавшим и купившим. Но, повторюсь, в сложившейся экономической ситуации я бы с осторожностью отнёсся к такого рода приобретению, пусть внутренний гик и пытается убедить, что результат будет стоить того и т.п.


После разрушенной репутации линейки Note у компании осталось не так много возможностей вернуть кредит доверия к своим фаблетам. Note 8 по большому счёту может стать судьбоносным аппаратом, с анонсом которого Samsung продемонстрирует свою готовность выложить все карты на стол и атаковать конкурентов. Станет ли это концом линейки или же в Samsung смогут доказать её состоятельность?

Шансы на победу были бы гораздо выше, если бы Samsung удалось бы первыми реализовать датчик отпечатка пальца, встроенный в стекло дисплея. А пока пользователи пытаются переспорить друг друга в споре за то, какая из «восьмёрок» будет более успешной и инновационной, в компаниях работа идёт своим чередом, идеи копируются, возникают реальные и не очень фотографии и рендеры новых моделей, процессы работают, люди трудятся над созданием и продвижением аппаратов будущего. Близится 23 августа, ждём утечек и официальной информации.


Note 8 вырисовывается небезынтересным и мощным смартфоном, но не без расстраивающих меня моментов. Так получилось, что Эльдар уже написал материал об особенностях нового смартфона, который чем-то порадовал, но в большинстве своём лишь подтвердил мои выводы. Но тем не менее, время уже не позволяло писать новый материал, поэтому читаем тут. Будем считать мою статью чем-то вроде неофициального заочного пользовательского первого взгляда, в котором я не ищу причину всем неудачам компании, а лишь пытаюсь понять, куда компания собирается двигаться дальше и как ей в этом поможет новинка. Ваш ход, Samsung.

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