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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 Installer for Windows. Review - Just before taking place the data highway you must be sure your pc is properly defended. Through default, your os comes equipped along with a few resources for simple security. Nevertheless, skilleded applications like ZoneAlarm Free Firewall program are actually strictly devoted to keeping your pc secured coming from several risks, shutting out suspicious activity.

User-friendly interface and also complete setup procedureThe ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 process requires a little of your focus. There are several promotions you could would like to bypass, such as web internet browser toolbars or a various web page. Besides this, you should decide on the app's habits which should immediately profit from your actions, or even gain total command over its setups.

The user interface is tidy and modern, presenting no accommodation complications. If you take care of to find yourself adhered, there is actually an internet help handbook that can absolutely obtain you away from awkward situations.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 Installer for Windows

Keep secured over numerous networks Through default, both a standard firewall software as well as request management are turned on. The very first is dedicated to preventing unapproved get access to keep your privacy secure. You can easily watch networks that are under surveillance as well as incorporate your own, and also a few state-of-the-art functions that permit you turn off Microsoft window Firewall, permit VPN methods, block out social web servers and several others.

Deal with use communicationsThe treatment management component actually keeps an eye on all running methods and also their actions, and if the learning method is selected coming from the create procedure you are actually cued whenever uses socialize in order to allow or even refuse their task if you consider it suspicious.

Effortlessly established the protection degreeSetups may be totally individualized, along with sliders to change the degree from safety the use should administer. Moreover, all programs could be seen, and also their status and also depend on level, and also you could completely handle all of them and include your own.

Various resources to collaborate withIn general, the use uses little of your device's information and also remains hidden in the system tray most of the times so it performs not take up significantly space. For enriched accessibility, from the holder symbol you should hold off regulations for five moments, discontinue all Internet activity, or maybe change to an Online game Mode that could immediately adapts on its own or maybe enable all relationships set up by video game.To finish along with

Taking every thing right into point to consider, we should point out that ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is actually an effective option to the general Windows ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 This requires little attention on your behalf, particularly along with the knowing mode that allows you conform it to your type. In the event you are actually looking for extra protection, this might only be actually the solution.

General Firewall software.Stops world wide web attacks at the frontal door as well as catches burglars on their way out. Proactively safeguards versus inbound as well as outgoing strikes while creating you invisible to.

  • Danger Web traffic is monitored and obstructed, both incoming as well as outbound.
  • Full Secrecy Mode creates you unseen to cyberpunks.
  • Kill Controls promptly disable malicious programs.

Extra Layers

  • Numerous levels from enhanced security supply unrivaled protection.
  • Wireless PC Security shields you from, identity crooks and also various other online threats when you hook up to an unsecured network.
  • Automatic Wireless System Surveillance detects cordless systems and immediately applies one of the most safe firewall program defense setting.
  • DefenseNet ™ supplies real-time protection updates, answers quickly to damaging risks, and leverages danger information from millions of consumers.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 Installer for Windows

OS: Windows XP/Vista7/8/8.1/10

Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017 Review & Rating

If you have antivirus protection along with a firewall, your PC is pretty well protected. A full security suite would add quite a few other components, but for some users, the basic antivirus plus firewall is sufficient. Check Point's ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017 offers exactly that level of protection, at no charge. That's quite a deal, given that the antivirus component is licensed from award-winner Kaspersky.

When you launch the installer, it downloads the very latest code and antivirus signatures, just as Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic does. The product's main window hasn't visibly changed since the previous edition. It still has the same relaxing color scheme of greys, greens, and blues, and it's still dominated by three big panels labeled Antivirus, Firewall, and Identity & Data.

Sharp-eyed users will notice a slight change in the product name. My Check Point contacts explained that they took the word firewall out of the name for SEO purposes, to clarify that this product's main feature is the addition of antivirus protection. But don't worry; the firewall itself is still in there!

As with many free products, this one is only free for personal use. If you want to use it in a business setting, or if you want tech support, you'll have to purchase the Pro edition. I will review that product separately.

Shared Firewall FeaturesExcept for the antivirus component, all features of this product are identical to those of the Editors' Choice-winning Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017. That being the case, I refer you to my review of the firewall for full details. Here, I'll simply summarize.

In testing, the firewall successfully fended off all of the port scans and Web-based attacks I threw at it, just as the built-in Windows firewall does. Unlike the Windows firewall, it also managed network and Internet permissions for all network-aware programs on the test system. At its default setting, it allowed my hand-coded browser to access the Internet without asking my permission. When I cranked application control up to the highest level, the firewall popped up to ask me whether or not this unknown program should be allowed access.

At the highest protection level, the firewall also reported suspicious behaviors by both good programs and bad. A similar feature in Comodo Firewall 8 displayed even more popup warnings for valid programs, which is not a good thing.

ZoneAlarm doesn't attempt to block exploit attacks the way Norton and Kaspersky Internet Security do. However, none of the exploits I use for testing actually breach security. In addition, the firewall proved resistant to attack; I couldn't disable it using techniques available to malware coders.

This product shares a number of bonus features with the basic firewall. Both come with 5GB of hosted online backup provided by Check Point partner IDrive. The full IDrive product is an Editors' Choice for online backup. Another partner, Identity Guard, provides a year of credit and identity theft monitoring for free. And the Identity Lock feature lets you control what user-specified personal information gets sent from your computer.

Limited Lab TestsSince ZoneAlarm licenses the antivirus technology that's used in Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you might assume it would get the same results in independent lab tests. But don't make that assumption. The labs themselves state very clearly that their reported results apply only to the exact product that was tested.

In addition, this product doesn't include every single protective feature found in the Kaspersky antivirus. In the antivirus settings dialog, a page titled Premium Protection details some of the features that aren't here. In particular, ZoneAlarm doesn't offer real-time cloud-based protection, nor does it block Web threats.

So what can the labs tell us? Of all the labs I follow, only one, Virus Bulletin, directly tests ZoneAlarm. In that lab's latest RAP (Reactive and Proactive) test, ZoneAlarm rated 76.40 percent. That's rather low. The average score for products that I follow is 86.96 percent. But really, there's just not enough data here for me to come up with an aggregate lab score the way I can with top-rated products like Kaspersky or Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016.

For years, I've found that while Kaspersky excels in the independent lab tests, it doesn't do as well in my hands-on tests. In that situation, I defer to the labs, given that they can devote significantly more resources to testing than I can alone. I can't do the same for ZoneAlarm given the dearth of test results.

Decent Malware ProtectionFortunately, the labs aren't my only resource. I keep a collection of malware samples so I can get first-hand experience of the way each product defends against them. When I opened the folder containing my samples, ZoneAlarm immediately started deleting them. For some low-risk samples, adware and such, it asked my permission first. Within a minute it eliminated over three-quarters of the samples.

On-access scanning in most antivirus products triggers on the slightest access. Some wait until a file is about to execute. ZoneAlarm's malware protection defaults to scanning on any access, and in the free edition you must use this default. Those using the for-pay Pro edition configure it to wait for execution. There's also a smart mode that uses internal rules to decide when to scan.

When I launched the surviving files, the antivirus kicked in to prevent installation in most, but not all, cases. ZoneAlarm detected 87 percent of the samples and earned 8.5 of 10 possible points, slightly better than Kaspersky's score of 8.4. That's not surprising, as it's been well over a month since I tested Kaspersky, enough time for its detection to have improved. Still, this score doesn't come close to the perfect 10 points earned by Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus.

Tested with my previous collection of samples, Avast Free Antivirus 2016 detected 100 percent and scored 9.3 points. Panda Free Antivirus (2016) and AVG AntiVirus Free (2016) both detected 89 percent and earned 8.9 points in that test.

As noted, the free ZoneAlarm antivirus doesn't include Web-based protection, but it does check every file you download. To test that feature, I attempted to open 100 malware-hosting URLs from a feed supplied by MRG-Effitas. ZoneAlarm wiped out 62 percent of the downloaded files, a bit less than the average for this test. Kaspersky blocked 65 percent, mostly by denying all access to the URL. The top score in this test goes to Avira Antivirus 2016, with 99 percent protection.

See How We Test Security Software

Many PossibilitiesZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ can be a good choice for the right user. You get a tough personal firewall that's an Editors' Choice, plus antivirus protection licensed from another Editors' Choice, Kaspersky. The independent labs don't explicitly test ZoneAlarm, though, and it doesn't have 100 percent of the protective technology found in Kaspersky.

Since the products involved are all free, you're free to experiment and see what works best for you. It might be ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+, or it might be ZoneAlarm Free Firewall in combination with one of our free antivirus Editors' Choice products, Avast Free Antivirus, AVG AntiVirus Free, or Panda Free Antivirus.

Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017 Review & Rating

If you had a personal computer in the late 90s, you probably thought that firewall protection was something that businesses needed, not consumers. It took the ZoneAlarm crew years to get out the message that consumers need firewall protection too. From its original red, orange, yellow, white, black, striped, spotted user interface to the modern 2017 edition, Check Point's ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has evolved with the times. It remains an excellent choice if you want firewall protection above and beyond what's built into Windows.

The product installs in a jiffy and goes to work right away. Its main window, featuring pale greys, greens, and blues, is dominated by three big panels labeled Antivirus, Firewall, and Identity & Data. The Antivirus panel is greyed out, on the assumption that you've chosen to use this product alongside your preferred antivirus, perhaps AVG AntiVirus Free or Panda Free Antivirus. By clicking Install, you can convert your installation into Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017. I'll review that product separately.

Hack Attack ProtectionZoneAlarm hasn't changed appreciably since last year's release, which means it's still quite effective at fending off network-based attacks. I hit it with port scan tests and other Web-based attacks, and it kept them all at bay. It put all of the system's ports into stealth mode, meaning they wouldn't even be visible to an attack across the Internet.

ZoneAlarm practically invented the concept of hardening a firewall against direct attack. I couldn't terminate its processes or interfere in any way with its Windows services; my attempt just hit an "Access denied" message. I could not find a way to turn it off by manipulating the Registry, either.

Intrusion prevention is a feature often associated with firewall technology, but it's not quite the same thing. When I attacked my test system using 30-odd exploits generated by the CORE Impact penetration tool, ZoneAlarm didn't react at all. The attacks didn't penetrate security, as the test system was fully patched.

The newly revived Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic detected nearly two-thirds of those same exploits at the network level, ensuring that they never even reached the test system. The firewall in Kaspersky Internet Security also did well, actively blocking about half of the exploits.

ZoneAlarm assigns networks to the Public Zone or the Trusted Zone. By default, security is cranked to the max when you're connected to a public network. You can connect through the network, but nothing on the network can connect back to you. In the Trusted Zone, security defaults to medium, making things like file and printer sharing possible.

Application ControlThe firewall that's built into modern Windows versions is quite effective at preventing outside attack. The main reason to use a third-party firewall is that you also get application control, meaning the firewall ensures that applications don't misuse your Internet or network connection.

Very early editions of ZoneAlarm used to rely on you, the user, to decide which programs should be allowed network access. Confusing popup queries dazzled users. Block or allow? Who knows! In later years, the company added an online database of known programs. ZoneAlarm can automatically assign appropriate network permissions to just about any commonly used program. Kaspersky Internet Security uses a similar database of trusted programs and restricts what unknown programs can do.

If you dig into settings, you'll find a slider that sets a security level for application control, with stops for Off, Min, Med, and Max. At the default Med (for medium) level, ZoneAlarm screens some, but not all, programs. I found that it detected my hand-coded browser's attempt at Internet access, but automatically allowed it access.

Raising the protection level to Max caused ZoneAlarm to pop up the expected query, asking whether to allow Internet access by an unknown program. However, it had other effects as well. At this protection level, a behavior-based detection component called OSFirewall goes into high gear, reporting on a wide variety of activities that might be performed by malware, but could just as likely involve valid software.

Indeed, when I tried to install 20 PCMag utilities, ZoneAlarm popped up at least one warning for each. One utility installer triggered four warnings. A similar feature in Comodo Firewall 8 (which hasn't been updated for several years) generated more (and more alarming) warnings.

Identity and Data ProtectionIn ZoneAlarm's Identity & Data page, you'll find a number of additional ways to protect your security. For starters, you can activate 5GB of online backup hosted by ZoneAlarm partner IDrive. Of course, you could get the same free 5GB directly from IDrive. Note that the commercial IDrive is a PCMag Editors' Choice for online backup.

Identity Guard, another ZoneAlarm partner, provides a year of free, simple identity protection. Once you sign up and enter your details, it alerts you to events like identity verification and possible account takeover. You also get access to identity theft assistance.

The Identity Lock feature offers a completely different type of protection for personal data. You start by adding data to the data vault. ZoneAlarm stores 15 specific types of data, among them credit numbers, eBay passwords, and mother's maiden name. There's also a catch-all Other category.

For each personal data item, you can choose whether to accept the default one-way encryption. If you disable this feature, your stored data could itself become a security risk. Likewise, you'll want to leave checked the boxes that ask for protection on the Web and in email.

If you've set Identity Lock to high protection, it simply won't allow any of your vault data to be transmitted from your computer, unless it's going to a site that you've defined as trusted. The private data gets replaced by asterisks. At the medium setting, Identity Lock gives you a warning, and an option to abort transmission of the data. I did find in testing that the data was sent despite my attempting to deny it. And Identity Lock can't protect data sent to secure (HTTPS) websites.

An Easy WinnerThere was once more competition in the third-party firewall realm, but the steady improvement in the built-in Windows firewall has thinned the ranks. It's especially rough for paid firewalls, given that firewall protection comes with Windows.

ZoneAlarm remains an Editors' Choice for firewall protection. It does what it's meant to, and adds some dandy bonuses. Comodo Firewall 8 is also an Editors' Choice, though I'd like to see a new, updated version. If you want firewall protection above and beyond what Windows offers, and don't want to shell out cash for it, either of these will serve.

ZoneAlarm PRO Software - Maximum Security

Antivirus & Firewall

Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Engine

Detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and more. Independently tested to provide superior protection.

  • Kernel-Level Virus Prevention protects the operating system.
  • Scan Modes let you customize your protection.
  • Fastest-Updating Signature List detects and stops the most recent viruses that others miss.
Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Provides access to the up-to-date database of Antivirus signatures to protect against newly emerging threats. Real-Time Cloud Database contains up-to-date reputation of files, web resources and software enhancing traditional Antivirus + Firewall protection.

  • Checks files against Real-time Cloud database to ensure that even the latest threats are not missed.
  • Contains the latest Antivirus signatures, web resources and software to ensure up-to-date protection.
Two-way Firewall

Stops Internet attacks at the front door and even catches thieves on their way out. Our two-way firewall proactively protects against inbound and outbound attacks while making you invisible to hackers.

  • Threat Traffic is monitored and blocked – inbound and outbound.
  • Full Stealth Mode makes you invisible to hackers.
  • Kill Controls instantly disable malicious programs.
Advanced Firewall

No product is 100% effective against viruses or spyware. ZoneAlarm’s advanced firewall monitors behaviors within your computer to spot and stop even the most sophisticated new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus and security suites.

  • OSFirewall™ Monitors programs for suspicious behavior – spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus protection.
  • Advanced-access Protection targets and defeats new, advanced attacks that other firewalls miss, such as raw data access, timing, and SCM and COM attacks.
  • Zero-hour Protection prevents silent outbreaks from gaining system access – before other security programs can even detect the threat.
  • Application Control uniquely shields your operating system during start-up, before most security products have even loaded.
  • Early Boot Protection uniquely shields your operating system during start-up, before most security products have even loaded.
Additional Layers

Multiple layers of advanced protection provide unsurpassed security.

  • Anti-Spam filters out annoying and potentially dangerous emails.
  • Wireless PC Protection shields you from hackers, identity thieves and other online threats when you connect to an unsecured network.
  • Automatic Wireless Network Security detects wireless networks and automatically applies the most secure firewall protection setting.
  • DefenseNet™ provides real-time security updates, responds quickly to breaking threats and leverages threat data from millions of users – protecting your PC from the latest attacks.

Web Security

Browser Protection

Enhanced Browser Protection scans websites for dangerous scripts, files, archives and packed executables before they are downloaded onto the end-users’ computer, preventing scripts/files from ever saving to disk or executing if they are found to be dangerous.

Identity & Data

Identity Protection Services

Identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere. ZoneAlarm delivers superior PC-based protection and exclusive data encryption, and also offers offline identity-protection services.

  • Daily Credit Monitoring and Fraud Alerts include daily credit reports with email alerts. You’ll be notified of any changes in your credit reports – which are often an indication of identity theft (US only).
  • Victim Recovery Service provides free telephone counseling to guide identity-theft victims through resolution and recovery (US only).
Online Backup

Your tax returns, your music and your photos are valuable. Protect your files in the event of loss, theft, accidental deletion or disk failure.

  • Automated Backups schedule the backup of data at your convenience. Includes optional automatic shutdown of your computer when backup is complete.
  • Efficient Backups effectively utilize your Internet bandwidth as the data files are compressed during transmission. Furthermore, only the modified portions of your files are backed up – speeding up the process.
  • User-defined Encryption Keys secure your files as they are uploaded and downloaded. All stored data is encrypted with a secure key and a password known only to you – protecting your data from hackers.


  • Free upgrades for 12 months. You’ll be notified automatically when a free new version is available.
  • Free customer support includes in-depth information, forums and online LiveChat 24/7.
  • 30-day guarantee: Satisfaction guaranteed or you’ll get your money back.

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