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Free? otherwise none.


Unable to get a working copy.


While running the install I get "Thumbsup.dll failed to register". The three options are cancel, retry, ignore. Cancel removes the program, retry does nothing, ignore completes the installation but when you try to load it fails. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, 8Gb RAM, Radon HD 6600 series graphics card.

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none, none, none


previous versions used to be somewhat intuitive. Now it is almost impossible to do the simplest drawings with the correct dimensions


wouldn't use

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Lots of community help and addons.


Sketchup does not allow you to draw actual circles. You can draw square things like houses easily, but if you try to draw a shark you'll be in real trouble.

When you put a rectangle through a complex object and try to delete half of it to crop shapes, you will see there are now thousands of loose strands that can take hours to manually remove. This makes the software nearly useless.


I haven't tried any other software, but I do not think anyone should choose Sketchup unless their images are circle-free. Massive 3d printing errors all the time.

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I learned 3D on Sketch-Up back when Sketch-Up was Google freeware. It doesn't have anywhere near the power of Blender, but it's a lot easier for a newbie to use. If you wanted all the bells and whistles, you can lay out $500 for Google's pro version, but I didn't find that necessary


Trimble has eliminated the freeware version. What Trimble calls "free" should actually be described as a trial version because it's only good for 30 days. If you want to get some hands-on 3D experience, there's no reason not to give the trial version a spin-through, but although Sketch-up is a convenient, easy-to-use product,it's in no way worth $500!


For serious 3D modeling with genuine freeware, use the open-source Blender. You won't be dependent on Trimble, with the risk that they could discontinue Sketch-Up or increase the price, leaving you with unusable files and a lot of work gone down the tube. Blender has a much steeper learning curve and it's interface is quite unconventional, but once you get into it you've got a 3D IDE that's going to last you a lifetime.

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Its does what it says


I don't need a yearly service or $500+ cost to do my few projects.


Need to change this to "Free to Try" BECAUSE ITS NOT FREE as Shown !

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Prior to reformatting, I had the older version of Google Sketchup and it worked great.


I thought I would just jump online and download the latest version of Sketchup after reformatting. However, even though I specify that I'm searching for a version of the program that will run on Vista, after the download and file extraction, the install fails because it requires Windows 7 to operate. Can't seem to find an older version which would be nice.

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- Low cost for 3D modeling software - Easy to learn


- Crashes too often - Limited functionality (can't fillet or chamfer) - Not intuitive enough for experienced draftsmen


This program might seem great for beginners, but anyone with prior 3D modeling experience will feel annoyed with its limited capabilities. There is no way to directly fillet or chamfer an edge and it crashes often. This program seems to fit the hobbyist's needs rather than the professional's or student's needs as there are far superior programs available. Autodesk software like AutoCAD, Inventor, Maya, and Fusion 360 are all far superior (professionals usually have access through employers since the licences are expensive and students can get free educational licences). Sketchup is under-developed and inadequate for detailed work.

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Easy to draw a box, easy to dimension.


Impossible to change dimensions, or set the scale of the drawing. Not intuitive at all past drawing a box, massive collapse in usability in what should be a basic function of any CAD system. I have no idea how anyone could possibly provide a positive rating for this program.


Impossible to use for any engineer who cares about accuracy - simplest functions missing or not intuitive at all.

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Easy to use, can be fun to use in the first hours.


Not intended for professional use.

Plugin Skelion is terrible... very slow, freezing all the time...also the doesnt interact with other apps like Pvsyst like they say in the website...



Its nice and easy to try... could be fun for kids or people trying to design something with less effort.

for professionals its near zero... too much bugs, innacurate, slow (even with super cpu).

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FAQ for Add Location changes in SketchUp

What’s changed with the Add Location and Photo Textures feature in SketchUp?

The Add Location feature that was powered by free data from Google has changed to another provider. After Trimble’s acquisition of SketchUp from Google in 2012, Google agreed to provide this data service for five additional years. This grace period of five years ended this May. Old features are no longer available as of May 22nd 2017. Trimble and SketchUp have changed geographic data providers so that it can continue to enable the Add Location feature in some versions of SketchUp.

We understand that modeling in SketchUp with geographic data has been an important feature for so many. As a result, we are taking steps to provide access to geographic data in SketchUp Make 2017 (in the form of Map information) and SketchUp Pro 2017 (in the form of satellite imagery and terrain data).

In addition, the Photo Textures feature is no longer be accessible in any version of SketchUp once this transition is complete. There is no similar data service available for SketchUp at this time.

Location Based Features Older Versions my.SketchUp SketchUp Make 2017 SketchUp Pro 2017
Add Location
Location Terrain
Location Imagery
Photo Textures via Google Street View

How does this affect me?

It depends on which version of SketchUp you’re currently using. Please locate the version below to learn more:

SketchUp 2017 (Pro or Make)

Because Google was able to provide this data for free, this service was easily available to all SketchUp users. To continue supporting the Add Location feature, the new data provider comes with licensing fees. For that reason, Add Location’s satellite imagery and terrain will be accessible in SketchUp Pro 2017 going forward.

SketchUp Make 2017 will have access to Map information only – no satellite or terrain information will be available.


Because the new geodata service that SketchUp comes with licensing fees, my.SketchUp will behave just like SketchUp Make and have access to Map information only. Satellite imagery and terrain data will not be made accessible.

SketchUp 2016 (Pro or Make) and older versions of SketchUp

At this time, there is no feasible way to update these versions of SketchUp to use the new geodata service. The Add Location and Photo Textures features will no longer function.

What are my options?

The older Google provided data is no longer available.

  • If you're using SketchUp Make and you wish to have access to location data for terrain or imagery you'll need to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2017.
  • If you're using an older version of SketchUp Pro and your Maintenance and Support Plan is current then you can upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2017 at no cost.
  • If you're using an older version of SketchUp Pro and your Maintenance and Support Plan is NOT current, you'll need to renew your plan to allow you to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2017.
If you choose to purchase SketchUp Pro you can use the Promo Code "100SUPRO" for $100 off a new SketchUpPro license. (Offer valid through June 30th, 2017.)

How do I access geographic data?

After May 22nd 2017, SketchUp Pro 2017 (or newer version) will be the best version of SketchUp that matches the behavior for Add Location that’s powered by Google data.

  • If you are in SketchUp 2017, use the Layer's selector in the upper right to change between new and old layer.
  • The data layer you choose will be imported into SketchUp and will not change if you toggle terrain off

Note: Terrain will no longer be available in SketchUp Make after May 22nd.


SketchUp Pro 2016 (or older)

If you’re using an older SketchUp Pro license with an expired Maintenance and Support plan, one option is to renew your plan here, which will generate a license to support the current version of SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp Make 2017

We chose to enable Map information data from Open Street Map when using Add Location in SketchUp Make 2017. What’s great about OSM is that anyone can contribute data to ensure accuracy. If you are a SketchUp Make user who needs road data in a particular location, check out how you can contribute to OSM.

SketchUp Make 2016 (or older)

There will be no changes made to SketchUp Make 2016 (and older) to utilize the new geodata provider. Add Location and Photo Textures will no longer be working features in these versions. We suggest utilizing SketchUp Make 2017 or my.Sketchup if possible to access the Add Location feature.

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Post your question to the Forum

Download SketchUp Make Latest Version 2017 - Down


Download SketchUp Make Latest Version 2017. Review - SketchUp Make is a simple as well as simple 3D choices in tool which could be consumed by itself or even as Planet plug-in. With it you may develop 2D or even 3D objects from any sort of kind, or even alter the consumed color pattern or materials of your models. Finished designs may be imprinted, released, held in the 3D Warehouse or perhaps released directly to the Planet where user developed models from actual designs might be viewed by numerous visitors which daily use this solution each on all contemporary PCs and mobile gadgets.

Image SketchUp Make 2017                                 

SketchUp Make
Download SketchUp Make Latest Version 2017 - There are actually many great modeling resources currently on the market place, but SketchUp was created from scratch was initially modeling plan to rookies, yet leaving behind ample advance resources and also services that those amateurs and also progressed individuals alike possess area to practice, extend their understanding and also know plenty of brand-new things about the globe from 3D choices in. This method to simpleness and very easy access to advanced devices is wonderfully showcased in its user interface, which gives variety of devices, documentation and also tutorials that may supply each newbie along with very easy adjustment. With SketchUp, individuals could simply design and revamp your living room, developed a new piece of furniture, model your urban area for Google Planet, utilize it as tool for your institution or even educational institution tasks, present that right into your work pipeline and far more.

Free software model of SketchUp Make could be made use of without limits, yet specialists will definitely likely be actually enticed to paid "Pro" model that puts a lot higher pay attention to construction as well as easier capability to transfer your sketches in to 3D objects.

Exactly what makes SketchUp Make terrific?

  • Sides and also Deals with: That is actually all there is actually to this
  • Push/Pull: Rapidly go coming from 2D to 3D
  • Precise measurements: Collaborate with accuracy
  • Observe Me: Produce intricate extrusions as well as lathed kinds
  • Coat Pail: Use different colors and appearances
  • Teams as well as Elements: Construct smarter designs
  • Shadows: Execute cover studies as well as add reality
  • Areas: Find inside your models
  • Scenes: Save views as well as develop computer animations
  • Check out and Walk: Discover your productions firsthand
  • Dimensions and Labels: Include information to your styles
  • The Coach: Catch on promptly
  • Layers as well as the Outliner: Visit organized
  • Earth: View your designs in circumstance
  • Sandbox devices: Focus on terrain
  • 3D Stockroom: Discover styles from practically just about anything you need
  • Bring in 3DS: Acquire a head start on your modeling
  • Import graphics: Painting walls along with images
  • Export TIFF, JPEG and PNG
SketchUp Make is actually free for educational and also private usage. SketchUp Make allows you to test the LayOut and Type Developer devices discovered in SketchUp Pro for 30 days. After this period, you could continue utilizing SketchUp Make. If you wish to profit from all the functionalities from the treatment you can easily choose to buy it.

SketchUp Make is actually a device designed to educate you 3D choices in, whether you are a newbie or knowledgeable customer.

Smooth create as well as simple-to-handle user interfaceThe installation method you are needed to suffer through mores than fast as it carries out not come stuffed with any type of 3rd party item promotions. Accomplishing it brings you to a fairly friendly user interface, as it performs certainly not include a myriad of keys, panes and also containers.

Furthermore an "Trainer" books you every measure from the method, while it is actually also achievable to accessibility a number of video tutorials, suggestions and secrets.

Choose kind of venture to start as well as assess distancesWhen you launch the use, you are actually needed to choose the form of template you want to work in - basic, garden engineering, 3D printing, interior and development style, wood working, urban planning, or even a straightforward one.

Coming from the key window, along with only a click on of the home window, it is possible to insert lines, rectangular shapes, cycles as well as arcs, wipe out items, amount distances or scale a whole entire design with the aid of a measuring strip, and utilize a paint pail device.

Control the cam, include appearances as well as share a produced designIn addition to that, the push/pull device allows you include or deduct volume coming from 3D designs, while you can easily also transfer, extent or copy entities, rotate, flex, distort, or even copy items along a pivoted course, as well as develop a copy of a collection at a consistent range coming from the original.

The track and pan alternatives can help individuals gain control over the electronic camera, by spinning this, as well as moving it up and down or flat.

You may additionally incorporate photograph appearances to your design (an attribute that uses Road Perspective images imported from Maps), obtain designs off the Net, or share your personal developments. If you produce a version that exists in truth, you can add this as a place, so SketchUp Make may share it online.

A final assessmentIt does not call for a big volume of CPU and memory information, as well as consequently, it carries out not interfere with the computer system's performance. The reaction time is actually fairly really good as well as the user interface confines fairly an instinctive design.

In conclusion, SketchUp Make proves to be a reputable as well as reliable system, which comprises a sizable volume from tools, in addition to options to assist beginners in operation that without hiccups.


Download SketchUp Make Latest Version 2017

SketchUp Make 2017 Operating Systems - Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / 10 64 | Size : 121.2 MB


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SketchUp Make Pro 2017 Crack [ License Key + Activator ]

SketchUp Make Pro 2017 Full Version Latest Crack available. SketchUp Pro Crack 2017 it is like the CAD type of program which is very easy to use and have many tools inserted in it that help you in perfect 3D designing even if you have a bad experience.SketchUp Make Pro 2017 will assist you if you do not have knowledge about CAD design. It helped you a lot for developing or handling CAD projects. It is the best program for designing of 3D types models and also for editing. This tool can perform multiple jobs for its user. A simple 3d maker has launched it 201 version with latest and advanced features. As we know, there is much software that can be used for Editing. But SketchUp Pro is above all by performing countless jobs.

SketchUp Make Pro serial key helps you to activate it pro features. If we talk about architecture, this tool makes you happy by performing a digital task with zero error.  You can draw the house, with its full parts, the street with multiple houses, the area with various roads and more on a city. The best Drawing software will assist you in any type of drawing.

Google SketchUp Make Pro 2017 Features

  • In this version of SketchUp Make Pro, 2017 layouts are web friendly.
  • It is faster and accurate 3D modelling engine, and that makes it smoother than other.
  • It is the best program because it generates reports and a tool is attached which gives access to the information.
  • The usage of styles, scenes are almost changed, and they are much simple and could be customised in this program
  • It is backed up with a stronger Trimble connect. This way is easy because it helps in storing design and sharing.

NOTE: Features are adding day by day to provide ease to users,

How to install?

  • Firstly buy a CD or download it from the internet and then run in CD-ROM
  • Then a dialogue box on screen appears, click on the run as administrator option
  • Click NEXT in the dialogue box of welcome
  • Click on the license agreement that you are agreed to all terms
  • Click Next button on screen for installing this program
  • Then click on INSTALL button i.e. you are satisfied with all settings.
  • Last, click on FINISH button when action is prompted

Download SketchUp Make Pro 2017 Crack

SketchUp Make 16.1 + x64 / Pro 2017 17.2.2555 + Repack / 2017 17.3.116 MacOSX


SKETCHUP:WHAT'S NEW:64-bit application:Weve updated the SketchUp engine to run as a 64-bit application on both PC and Mac operating systems. What exactly does this mean? The least nerdy way to explain it is that 64-bit allows for more bandwidth between SketchUp and your computers active memory. Theoretically, the 64-bit version of SketchUp should have a better working relationship with your 64-bit computer. Check out this article for more details including things you need to know about installing 64-bit SketchUp.If you dont have a 64-bit Windows machine, were still offering a 32-bit version for Windows machines.Face Finder improvements:Weve mined and optimized the code for Face Finder, one of the core under-the-hood operations that make SketchUps magic possible. Face Finder is the code that runs whenever SketchUp automatically creates a face from coplanar edges. Think for a second about how often that happens. When we tested this sharpened code on large models, we found big performance improvements in operations like Explode and Intersect.Rotated Rectangle:For a few years now, we hosted a wildly useful, but not wildly popular Rotated Rectangle extension. This extension allows you to draw non-90 degree rectangles on the ground. The folks who used this tool found it extremely handy, so we decided to build it into SketchUp with some significant enhancements. SketchUp 2015s official Rotated Rectangle tool lets you draw off-axis rectangles at any angle (and not necessarily on the ground). Give it a try: we bet itll make you feel like youre using SketchUp for the very first time again.3 Point Arc:Who said SketchUp only does boxes? With the addition of a 3 Point Arc tool, there are now four different ways to draw arcd edges in SketchUp. This new arc tool lets you define an arc bulge via the arcs end point. If youre trying to set an exact intersection along the path of your arc, this tool is for you. In contrast, the good ole 2 Point Arc tool asks you to choose two points and then define a bulge by the midpoint. The point is, now your arcs are up to you.New licensing system:Weve replaced our licensing system to make it much more friendly. Here are some of the high points:SketchUp now starts with a 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro. Our trial period used to be 8 hours of active use; were excited to give you more time to try out everything we have to offer!There are no longer separate licenses for PC and Mac. Single-user and network licenses are now platform independent.Single-user Licenses:Weve simplified how single user licenses are added. Just select Help > License (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > License (Mac OS X), copy/paste the serial number and authorization code you received via an e-mail and click the Add License button. Or click the Advanced... link, paste in your license information and click Add License. It is that easy!If youve purchased a new SketchUp Pro license or a renewal of your Maintenance & Support plan, you should receive an email with your SketchUp Pro 2015 license within 48 hours of launch. Check your email, or look up your 2015 license using our wizard.If its been more than a year since youve bought a SketchUp Pro license or renewed your Maintenance and Support plan, youll need to enroll in or renew a Maintenance & Support plan to upgrade your license for SketchUp Pro 2015. You can do this using our License Wizard (Note: youll need to have your existing license information handy).Network Licenses:License management now happens in the cloud! This is huge - no more creating a shared folder on a local server and no more license file that you need to generate.Network licenses are added the same way single user licenses are added. Just select Help > License (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > License (Mac OS X), copy/paste the serial number and authorization code you received via an e-mail and click the Add License button. Or click the Advanced link, paste in your license information and click Add License.No setup is required by an IT manager to, well, manage the license. Trimble runs the licensing servers that SketchUp checks in with on startup to make sure you are not exceeding the licensed number of simultaneous users.No more LAN restrictions. Since the license exists in the cloud, the computers using network licenses just need an Internet connection. Your network will, however, need to allow access to ports 5053 and 50530.If you need to work offline, you can "check out" a floating license before you go offline for seven days, then return it to the pool of licenses when you get back online.Fast Styles:Styles are an incredibly powerful (and fun) feature in SketchUp, but very few SketchUp users understand that style choices heavily affect modeling speed. We went ahead and badged those styles that help SketchUp operate smooth and fast. Specifically, Fast Styles are those that place less demand on your computers microprocessors, and instead render primarily through your graphics card.IFC Import and Classifier enhancements (SketchUp Pro Only):This is the second release in a row that weve beefed up SketchUp Pros capabilities to participate in information modeling. This time around, weve added an IFC importer to allow the exchange of information between SketchUp and other BIM applications in both directions. This is a big deal and another proof point of our belief that your data belongs to you.Weve also sharpened the Classifier tool, providing an easier way to erase classification Types and allowing you to export additional Types (IfcProject, IfcSite, IfcBuilding, IfcBuildingStorey, IfcSpace, IfcFooting).Ruby API improvements:Along with upgrading SketchUps API to 64-bit, were also introducing some new developer-facing features. In particular, SketchUp 2015 is the first release where developers have access to and control of information modeling classifications. We also added new API features to allow developers to create licensed extensions. On top of all that, we also made improvements for materials, cameras, section cuts, and theres a big list of of other enhancements and bug fixes.Trimble Vision Technology Integration:Imagine Match Photo on steroids and youve got our SketchUp integration with Trimble Vision. The integration involves Trimble Vision instruments like the V10 and Trimble Business Center. Essentially the Trimble V10 is a super camera that uses GPS and Total Station technology to accurately position and orient multiple photographs. The combination of the V10 and the processing power of Trimble Business Center lets you bring multiple site photographs directly into SketchUp (via an exported SketchUp model) with their correct camera positions, orientations and corrected for image distortion; so you don't need to use any vanishing lines in SketchUp's Match Photo. Just set up your axes once and you're ready to use all of your site photographs to generate model geometry.BUG FIXES / SMALL IMPROVEMENTS:General:Improved the Polygon tool to allow the creation of both circumscribed and inscribed polygons via a modifier key (Ctrl on Microsoft Windows, Option on Mac OS X).Added the ability to delete all in model materials.We renamed the Plugins menu to Extensions to be more inline with our current naming conventions. This should not break existing plugins. Adding a menu item to the Plugins menu will still work, but that menu item will be added to the Extensions menu instead.Fixed an issue where DWG/DXF files imported into other applications were scaled incorrectly if SketchUp and the other application were not using inches.Fixed an issue where Intersect with Selection would fail when it should have worked.Fixed an issue that could cause glued components to move when moving other model geometry.Fixed an issue where Guide lines could fail to display or could display incorrectly in some models.Fixed an issue where the Axes tool could fail to display in some scenes.Improved the error message you see when a component created in a newer version of SketchUp is imported into an older version of SketchUp.Fixed an issue where Entity Info could display incorrect information when components and groups are selected.Fixed an issue that caused ground shadows for profile edges to sometimes draw incorrectly.Fixed the Measurements toolbar to no longer cut off labels.Changed Entity Info to report the correct value for a polygon perimeter.Windows: Added the ability to export TIFF and PNG images with a transparent background.Windows: Fixed an issue that caused the error message Invalid length entered when trying to change the point size of text after changing Unit precision.Windows: Changed the active component thumbnail displayed at the top of the Components browser to show Dynamic Component and Classified badges.Performance:Fixed an issue where move/copy could be very slow when copying geometry.Fixed an issue where, in some models, the Edit menu displayed slowly.Fixed an issue where, in some models, performance could drop after clicking Model Info > Statistics.Improved the performance of Model Info > Statistics which previously could lag when viewing statistics for large models.Stability:Fixed a long-standing crash that could happen when stamping and draping entities.Fixed a crash that could occur when changing Arc segments.Fixed a crash that could occur when dividing a circle and push pulling it.Mac: Fixed a very frequent image-related crash that could occur when working in models (many different actions triggered it).Arc and Pie tools:Changed the Arc tools to more easily create filletsDragging out an arc from an edge now shows a tangent arc (colored blue) vs a dotted line.Double clicking when the fillet turns magenta completes the fillet.Double clicking on a face near a vertex connecting two edges automatically creates a fillet with the last used radius, allowing you to quickly fillet multiple corners with the same radius.Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability to click-drag on the first click, allowing the setting of the protractors plane.Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability, after the first click, to inference another object and lock that inference.Arc and Pie tools: Added the ability, when defining the second arc point, to find the intersection between the arc being drawn and an extension from an existing line that intersects it.Arc and Pie tools: Changed the tools to display a full protractor on tool activation.2 Point Arc tool: Added the ability to enter circle sides.Arc tools: Fixed a bug where the Measurements toolbar label could be wrong when entering multiple values.Classifier/IFC exporter:Made it easier to erase Types from objects via adding a modifier key that puts the Classifier tool into erase mode.Fixed an issue where copy/pasting a component several times could cause duplicated GUIDS (used by the IFC exporter).Added the ability to import classification systems with circular dependencies.Type data is now sorted alphabetically.Added the ability to undo some actions that were missing (e.g. setting the active Type, importing a classification system and deleting a classification system).Changed the Classifications panel to allow deleting only one classification system at a time to fix several issues related to deleting multiple, simultaneous classifications.Windows: Added the ability to import SKC and XSD files simultaneously (previously they were separate import options that were not saved).Windows: Improved the appearance of the Simplify button.Localization:Various fixes to address incorrect and missing translations.Windows: Fixed an issue where Add Location would fail when using a user name with Unicode characters.Made a change to no longer translate Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse.Windows: Fixed the File Locations preference to be correct when using a user name with Unicode characters.Windows: Fixed an issue where the Customize Toolbars dialog was not translated on some configurations.Matched Photo/Image Igloo:In order to support the Trimble Vision Technology Integration feature listed above, we made the following enhancements:Added a Photo Point tool on the Match Photo dialog that allows the picking of a point you are trying to locate which will cast a Guide line from the eye through a Matched photo. Once cast, the point you clicked on can be found in 3D by picking along the Guide line in another Matched Photo scene.Enhanced the Image Igloo tool to better handle V10 image data, including adding new modifier keys for navigating between the models images.Enhanced the warning message you see when editing an API-created Matched Photo scene.Prevented vanishing points from being created when editing an API-created matched Photo scene.Added the ability for users to change the axes location for API-created Matched Photo scenes.Added Instructor content for the Image Igloo tool.Fixed a bug where scene names could fail to display when using the Image Igloo tool.LAYOUT:WHAT'S NEW:64-bit:We have 64-bit versions of LayOut and Style Builder on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows! We still offer the 32-bit version on Microsoft Windows.Two-segmented labels:We overhauled the label tool! You can now conveniently place beautiful, two-segmentented leader labels that can easily be aligned with other labels to give your drawings a polished, professional appearance.Label auto-text:While we were at it, we made the label tool a lot smarter. When you place a label on a model, youll be given the opportunity to choose any of the information associated with it as the label text. Pick an attribute of a dynamic component, a BIM classification type, or simply the area of a face. Because the label tags are auto-text, they will automatically update as you update the model.IMPROVEMENTS:Spell checking:We added spell checking to our Windows version. This will only work on Windows 8 and 8.1 machines. Mac already has this feature.Multi-select:You can now perform actions on more than one layer or page by shift-selecting any number of layers or pages.Dynamic vector model loading:We now wait to load vector models until the page is viewed instead of at the time of document load. This offers a performance increase when documents are opened.Shared connections:Weve updated our global connections manager. You can now have connections between entities and auto-text on shared layers.Infrastructure:Weve upgraded versions of some of our 3rd party libraries. These include the pdf exporter and the UI and text editor on Windows.BUG FIXES:General:Fixed an issue where documents with metric units and using a tool whose output of a drawing event featured polar coordinates would be wrong by a factor of 25.6 degrees.Fixed a JPEG export issue when a documents paper size had been changed after it had been started. The image export would not respect the new paper size dimensions.Fixed an issue where Section planes would disappear from the model after entering and exiting 3D edit mode, if the style was set to a modified active style.Fixed Label and Dimension connections to SketchUp models or LayOut elements which werent preserved after the following events:Layers were shared.Pages were duplicated.Entities were copy and pasted.Entities were made into scrapbooks and inserted into the document.We touched up a few tool icons. These were the New, Open, Save, Print, Paste, and Delete buttons.Localization:Fixed an issue where commas, which were being used as decimal separators, were not working as such while interacting with the Measurements toolbar.Performance:We relaxed the frequency of file I/O by caching scale information. Before, the constant I/O could have lead to a crash.Rendering:We fine-tuned the vector rendering engine to more accurately detect and eliminate what would have previously been considered noise during the render event.Fixed an issue when using hybrid render mode on a SketchUp model and toggling Preserve Scale on Resize. Resizing would cause the underlying raster image of the model to change but not its vector lines.Fixed an issue where LayOut wasnt respecting the auto-rendering setting after changing from raster to vector/hybrid.Fixed an issue where Profile and Section Cut edge lines would disappear from a model when vector rendered - if edges had been turned off within SketchUps Style settings.Fixed Section Cut edge lines that would disappear if rendered in Hybrid mode.LayOut will now load potentially corrupt documents by discarding the corrupted page(s) and load the remaining healthy pages.Fixed an issue where SketchUp components that use the Cut Opening option in Styles were rendering neighboring faces with the wrong color. This only happened when using Vector rendering.

SketchUp sketchup скачать бесплатно СкетчАп 2017 на русском языке

SketchUp — программа для 3D моделирования СкетчАп

SketchUp (СкетчАп) — программа для трехмерного моделирования объектов и дизайна интерьера, мебели, строений, а так же создания игровых уровней для Source Engine.

Основные возможности программы СкетчАп
  • Поддержка плагинов для экспорта, визуализации и создания физических эффектов, таких как вращение, движение, взаимодействие созданных объектов между собой и пр.
  • Поддержка создания или загрузки уже готовых макросов на языке программирования Ruby, используя которые можно автоматизировать выполнение повторяющихся действий
  • Поддержка создания и загрузки готовых «компонентов» — элементов модели, которые могут быть созданы, затем использованы много раз, а потом отредактированы — и изменения, сделанные в компоненте, отразятся во всех местах, где он использован
  • Инструмент для просмотра модели в разрезе и возможность добавлять к модели выноски с обозначением видимых размеров в стиле чертежей
  • Работа со слоями
  • Возможность построения сечений объектов
  • Создание динамических объектов например: открытие двери по клику на нее
  • Работа со сценами которые включают в себя положение камеры и режим отрисовки, имеется возможность анимировать переходы между сценами

Предусмотрены режим осмотра модели «от первого лица», с управлением как в 3D-играх и возможность устанавливать географически достоверные тени в соответствии с заданными широтой, долготой, временем суток и года.

Области применения программы довольно широки это инженерное проектирование, эскизное моделирование для архитектурных проектов, дизайн интерьера, ландшафтный дизайн, дизайн наружной рекламы, моделирование для печати изделий на 3D-принтере и пр.

Еще одной областью использования программы является дизайн уровней для игрового движка Source Engine от Valve, например для игр Half-Life 2 или Counter-Strike: Source.

Моделирование в SketchUp

Существуют две версии программы — бесплатная для некоммерческого использования, но несколько ограниченная по функциональности SketchUp Make и платная SketchUp Pro лишенная каких-либо ограничений. Бесплатная версия отличается меньшими возможностями для экспорта в другие 3D форматы.

Проекты созданные в SketchUp сохраняются в своем формате *.skp, однако программа поддерживает импорт и экспорт в различные форматы такие как: *.3ds, *.dwg, *.ddf; *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, *.psd, *.obj. Плагины позволяют экспортировать так же в форматы *.mxs, *.atl, *.dae, *.b3d и т. д., а плагин V-Ray для SketchUp позволяет производить визуализацию трехмерных сцен.

SketchUp скачать бесплатно Вы можете с официального сайта разработчика по прямым ссылкам, приведенным далее:

Скачать SketchUp Make для Windows x32 (111 Мб)

Скачать SketchUp Make для Windows x64 (148 Мб)

Разработчик: Trimble Inc.Официальный сайт:

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