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ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall - Professional Firewall Protection


Two-way Firewall

Stops Internet attacks at the front door and even catches thieves on their way out. Our two-way firewall proactively protects against inbound and outbound attacks while making you invisible to hackers.

  • Threat Traffic is monitored and blocked – inbound and outbound.
  • Full Stealth Mode makes you invisible to hackers.
  • Kill Controls instantly disable malicious programs.
Advanced Firewall

No product is 100% effective against viruses or spyware. ZoneAlarm’s advanced firewall monitors behaviors within your computer to spot and stop even the most sophisticated new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus and security suites.

  • OSFirewall™ Monitors programs for suspicious behavior – spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus protection.
  • Advanced-access Protection targets and defeats new, advanced attacks that other firewalls miss, such as raw data access, timing, and SCM and COM attacks.
  • Zero-hour Protection prevents silent outbreaks from gaining system access – before other security programs can even detect the threat.
  • Application Control uniquely shields your operating system during start-up, before most security products have even loaded.
  • Early Boot Protection uniquely shields your operating system during start-up, before most security products have even loaded.
Additional Layers

Multiple layers of advanced protection provide unsurpassed security.

  • Anti-Spam filters out annoying and potentially dangerous emails.
  • Wireless PC Protection shields you from hackers, identity thieves and other online threats when you connect to an unsecured network.
  • Automatic Wireless Network Security detects wireless networks and automatically applies the most secure firewall protection setting.
  • DefenseNet™ provides real-time security updates, responds quickly to breaking threats and leverages threat data from millions of users – protecting your PC from the latest attacks.

Identity & Data

Identity Protection Services

Identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere. ZoneAlarm delivers superior PC-based protection and exclusive data encryption, and also offers offline identity-protection services.

  • Daily Credit Monitoring and Fraud Alerts include daily credit reports with email alerts. You’ll be notified of any changes in your credit reports – which are often an indication of identity theft (US only).
  • Victim Recovery Service provides free telephone counseling to guide identity-theft victims through resolution and recovery (US only).
Online Backup

Your tax returns, your music and your photos are valuable. Protect your files in the event of loss, theft, accidental deletion or disk failure.

  • Automated Backups schedule the backup of data at your convenience. Includes optional automatic shutdown of your computer when backup is complete.
  • Efficient Backups effectively utilize your Internet bandwidth as the data files are compressed during transmission. Furthermore, only the modified portions of your files are backed up – speeding up the process.
  • User-defined Encryption Keys secure your files as they are uploaded and downloaded. All stored data is encrypted with a secure key and a password known only to you – protecting your data from hackers.


  • Free upgrades for 12 months. You’ll be notified automatically when a free new version is available.
  • Free customer support includes in-depth information, forums and online LiveChat 24/7.
  • 30-day guarantee: Satisfaction guaranteed or you’ll get your money back.

Comodo Firewall 2017 скачать Комодо Файрвол бесплатно

Comodo Firewall — Комодо Файрвол

Comodo Firewall (Комодо Файрвол) — бесплатный персональный файрвол (брандмауэр), от компании Comodo, разработчика популярного бесплатного антивируса Comodo Antivirus.

Компания Comodo производит программные продукты предназначенные для обеспечения безопасности и защиты компьютера от вредоносного программного обеспечения и интернет угроз. Среди разработок не только файервол, но и другие антивирусные решения, такие как — Comodo Antivirus и Comodo Internet Security, в состав которого входят оба продукта.

Comodo Firewall — настройки

Основные возможности Comodo Firewall (Комодо Файрвол)
  • Проактивная HIPS защита
  • Защита от интернет-атак
  • Защита важных системных файлов и записей реестра от внутренних атак
  • Обнаружение и защита от нападений ret2libc
  • Защита от несанкционированного доступа
  • Защита от переполнения буфера
  • Обнаружение переполнения буфера, которое происходит в HEAP памяти
  • Обнаружение разрушенных/плохих SEH цепочек

Проактивная защита файрвола CFW включает в себя Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS) — систему отражения локальных угроз. Задачей HIPS является контроль за работой приложений и блокировка потенциально опасных операций по заданным пользователем критериям.

Комодо Файрвол — виджет

В брандмауэре присутствует виджет, являющийся общим компонентом для продуктов COMODO, отображающий в удобном виде состояние защиты персонального компьютера, входящий и исходящий трафик и некоторые другие параметры, такие как количество блокированных угроз и прочие оповещения.

Стоит отметить, что при инсталляции файрвола устанавливается еще одна разработка КОМОДО — веб-браузер Comodo Dragon, основанный на открытом движке проекта Chromium, главной задачей которого является безопасность серфинга в сети интернет. К слову сказать, что у КОМОДО в портфеле наработок есть еще два безопасных браузера: Comodo IceDragon, основанный на Mozilla Firefox и Comodo Chromium Secure построенный, соответственно, на Chromium.

Comodo Firewall скачать бесплатно на русском языке с официального сайта разработчика, можно по прямой ссылке, размещенной ниже:

Скачать Comodo Firewall (6 Мб)

Разработчик: Comodo Group Inc.Официальный сайт:

Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall 2017; Firewalls

Windows comes with firewall protection built in, and you can get enhanced third-party firewall protection for free. Why, then, would you pay for a third-party firewall tool like Check Point's ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall 2017? There's one very simple reason—the free version of this tool is only for use in noncommercial settings, so if you want to use it in a business, you must pony up. Also, this version includes premium tech support, advanced control of firewall settings, and, new in this edition, a very effective antiphishing component.

At $39.95 per year for a single license, ZoneAlarm costs the same as most standalone antivirus products. In fact, it's the same price as Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall. Unless you already have antivirus protection, the latter may be a better choice. Note that the firewall's per-license price goes down if you buy multiple licenses. You get five licenses for $59.95 per year, for example.

Except for the antiphishing component, which is strictly a browser extension, the paid edition's basic feature list is identical to what you get in the free ZoneAlarm firewall. Advanced features only appear as you drill down. However, this edition's main window is laid out quite differently. It still has three large panels, but they're titled Antivirus & Firewall, Web & Privacy, and Mobility & Data. Each panel includes three or four components, the majority of which are grayed out and unavailable. For example, on the Web & Privacy panel, Parental Control, Anti-Keylogger, and Anti-Spam are all grayed out. The full Check Point ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2017 suite uses precisely the same layout, but in the suite all of the components are active.

Shared FeaturesAs noted, this product's features include everything that you get in Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017. I'll summarize my findings here; to get full details, read my review of the free edition.

The central firewall component stealths all ports against outside attack, and also controls network permissions for all programs. It draws on a huge database to configure permissions for known programs and, by default, makes its own decisions about unknowns. If you crank up protection to the max, it notifies you when an unknown program attempts to access the network, asking you whether to allow or block access.

At this maximum security level, the OSFirewall component generates a lot of suspicious behavior warnings for both good and bad programs. To be fair, the same is true of Comodo Firewall 8, which generated even more and direr warnings in testing.

ZoneAlarm doesn't attempt to block exploit attacks at the network level in either the free or paid edition. However, none of the attacks I used for testing actually penetrated the test system's security. And I couldn't find any way that a malicious coder could disable firewall protection programmatically.

You get 5GB of hosted online backup from partner IDrive, a PCMag Editors' Choice for online backup, as well as a year of credit monitoring from another partner, Identity Guard. And the Identity Lock feature prevents inadvertent transmission of user-defined private data via the Web or email.

One significant difference in this edition becomes visible when you choose Technical Support from the Help menu. In the free edition, doing so takes you to a page with links to community forums, knowledge base articles, and support for product installation. The paid edition offers premium support, stating, "A Certified Expert can help you now! Our experts will connect to your computer over the Internet and repair your problem in no time."

Advanced FirewallThe firewall component in the free edition is titled Basic Firewall; this changes to Advanced Firewall in the PRO edition. Where the free edition allows you to make broad changes to settings for the Trusted Zone and Public Zone, this paid version offers extremely fine-grained control over what network events are permitted in each zone. Unless you're a network wizard, you shouldn't touch these settings. Likewise, only a firewall expert should consider using the advanced option to manually define firewall rules.

Application control also gets some added features in this app. You can enable Advanced Application Control, Advanced Interaction Control, and Component Control, among others. Be warned; enabling these features will usually cause more popup alerts.

The point of these advanced monitoring tools is to detect malware attempting to subvert valid programs, or otherwise evade the firewall's notice. However, they may also report activity by legitimate programs, so you should examine the situation carefully before blocking network activity. If you don't feel you have the expertise to make such decisions, you're better off not enabling these features.

Real-Time Phishing ProtectionZoneAlarm has a bit of history with phishing protection. Up until last year's edition, phishing protection came as part of a licensed toolbar. Those using free products were required to accept the toolbar, along with a change to the default search engine and home page. Last year's release removed the toolbar (and its phishing protection) from the entire product line. Now antiphishing is back, and better than ever, but only in the for-pay products.

Where data-stealing Trojan malware must weasel its way past your security software, a phishing attack only needs to fool you, the user, into giving away your credentials. These fraudulent websites masquerade as financial sites, webmail sites, even online gaming sites. If you enter your username and password, the attacker owns your account.

But here's an important point—nothing happens until you enter your credentials. It's not like a drive-by download, where merely visiting the site can infect your computer. That being the case, ZoneAlarm doesn't check sites for signs of phishing until the moment you click in a username or password field. At that point it visibly launches a scan of the page. It doesn't spend time checking sites against a blacklist, or running heuristic phishing detection on every site you visit. This is an innovative solution, and I won't be surprised if other vendors follow suit.

Antiphishing Chart

I tested ZoneAlarm by setting up five test systems, one protected by ZoneAlarm, one by long-time phish phighter Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic, and ones testing each of the protective technologies built into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

For this test I always use sites that have been reported as fraudulent, but haven't been checked and blackisted yet. Typically, they're no more than a few hours old. Since the actual URLs differ for each test, I report not the raw detection percentages but the difference in detection rates.

Quite a few recent products can't even outperform the protection built in to Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Only a very few do better than Norton. Kaspersky Anti-Virus tops the list, with a detection rate 4 percentage points higher than Norton's. ZoneAlarm resides among the elite of antiphishing, with precisely the same detection rate as Norton, and quite a bit better than all three browsers. Tested simultaneously with Norton, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security also did well, lagging just 2 percentage points behind Norton.

However, there's one fly in the ointment. At present, the antiphishing extension is available only for Chrome. Until it works with all major browsers, its protection won't help every user.

See How We Test Security Software

Good for Experts

ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall includes everything you get with Editors' Choice ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, plus advanced firewall settings, premium support and (for Chrome users) phishing protection. It's also an Editors' Choice, naturally. But it's hard to see why you'd pay for it, unless you're a network expert, or you're using it in a commercial setting. Even then, for the same price you can get everything in this product plus Kaspersky-powered antivirus. It's an oddity; an excellent product that I don't recommend for most users.

<a href=",securitywatch,business,security,software,edchoice,reviews%26zdaudience%3DConsumer,SMB,Mainstream,Family%26zdcompany%3DCheck+Point+Software+Technologies+Ltd%26template%3DStandardReview%26cmn%3dzd" target="_blank"> <img src=",securitywatch,business,security,software,edchoice,reviews%26zdaudience%3DConsumer,SMB,Mainstream,Family%26zdcompany%3DCheck+Point+Software+Technologies+Ltd%26template%3DStandardReview%26cmn%3dzd" border="0" alt=""/> </a>

Comodo Firewall (Комодо Файрвол) 2017 скачать бесплатно на русском языке

Comodo Firewall является мощным брандмауэром способным предотвратить заражения вашего компьютера. Продукт защитит ОС от атак из сети интернет, не даст злоумышленникам украсть ваши личные данные, заблокирует подозрительное программное обеспечение и опасные файлы. Гибко настраиваемые правила позволяют точно определять различного рода угрозы и после их обнаружения выполнять действия, которые вы зададите, например, уведомить вас об угрозе или сразу же ее нейтрализовать и т.д.

Примечательно, что Комодо Файрвол в реальном времени мониторит работу ПО, а также разных служб и сервисов, он умеет: блокировать доступ к сети или наоборот разрешать его, следить за портами и протоколами, анализировать входящий и исходящий трафик, защищать критические области системы (реестр и важные файлы операционной системы), пресекать несанкционированный доступ к данным, собирать информацию о работе приложений в лог и соответственно отображать ее, когда это понадобиться пользователю.

Рассматривая программа значительно превосходит аналоги (в том числе и платные) это доказано первыми местами в авторитетных тестах. Стоит отметить, что она совместима с любым антивирусом и поэтому работая с ним в связке способна обеспечить практически нерушимую защиту ПК. Даже если вы неопытный пользователь, вам больше не будут страшны шпионские модули, трояны и прочая зараза, т.к. в составе продукта заготовлено огромное количество правил, предоставляющих высокий уровень защиты без вмешательства юзера.

Если вы заядлый геймер или киноман и не терпите, когда вас отрывают от любимого процесса, то вам придется по вкусу специальный режим, который не будет отвлекать вас от развлечений, в этом случае брандмауэр сам решит, что делать, встретив подозрительную активность. Его решение будет зависеть от правил, заданных вами или использованных по умолчанию, в независимости от этого все будет сделано максимально аккуратно, дабы не навредить ОС и не вызвать сбои в ее работе, при этом неприятно удивив владельца компьютера.


Наличие данного приложение поможет вам: запретить или разрешить посещение разных веб-сайтов, определить и устранить вирусы и кейлоггеры, проследить чтобы во время инсталляции ПО в систему не добавились нежелательные компоненты, избежать переполнения буфера и атак в библиотеки, запускать программы и выполнять различные действия в так называемой «песочнице», прятаться от сканеров портов и пользоваться «вайт листом» для создания списка доверенных процессов, служб, ресурсов и т.д.

Нельзя не упомянуть о том, что компания Comodo имеет собственный облачный сервис, который проверяет подозрительные файлы и протоколы, эта возможность конечно же встроена в файрвол. Кроме того, в него встроен виджет, который отображает состояние системы (защищена или нет), выводит скорость передачи пакетов и предоставляет быстрый доступ к некоторому софту. Если в процессе использования ПК вы наткнетесь на подозрительный объект и не будете уверены стоит ли его удалять или нет, то можете воспользоваться функцией карантина.

Для повышения уровня безопасности в сети следует скачать Comodo Firewall на русском языке. Программа входит в комплект продукта Comodo Internet Security, а также поставляется отдельно, на случай, если вдруг у вас уже есть антивирус, она поддерживает автоматическое обновление, умеет защищать компьютер на этапе загрузки операционной системы, делает более безопасной оплату товаров и услуг в интернете, не позволяя скомпрометировать данные ваших банковских карт, а также любую другую конфиденциальную информацию (например, логины и пароли).

Распространяется Бесплатно
Разработчик Comodo Group
Операционная система Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Язык Русский
Размер 5,1 Mb

Скачать бесплатно Comodo Firewall (Комодо Файрвол) 2017 для Windows:

Версия x86/x64

Free Download Comodo Firewall 2017 : Firewalls software

Comodo Firewall represents probably the best program of its kind according to independent test results. It adds a powerful layer of protection to your Windows Firewall and security software already installed.

It will filter every incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your computer (even on Ipv6), do protocol analysis, enable anti-ARP spoofing protection.

It will automatically create rules and allow internet communication for every known safe application, and it has a huge database of ‘Trusted vendors’. Additionally you will be prompted for every unknown or changed application and you can allow, block or set a restriction group for it.

Comodo will make your computer completely hidden from hackers by stealthing your open ports. You can also define which port should be open and which one should be blocked.

In addition to this it features a powerful HIPS that carefully monitor critical operating system activities and block or alert in case of suspicious activity. It can also perform a cloud check for unknown programs and display if they are infected or not.

Another useful option is the ‘Sandbox’ component. It will automatically isolate suspicious programs and run them in a virtual environment, so as your system will remain safe and every alteration or unwanted change will be automatically undone, once you close the offending program.

Last, but not the least, it has an advanced system monitor capable of killing, deleting and suspending every malicious process, service, registry entry or task scheduled on your computer. Its name is Killswitch and you can find it under Advanced Tasks.

What's New in Comodo Firewall 8.0 :

- FIXED! Network firewall is not functioning properly after update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 - FIXED! Cycle BSOD on Windows 10 x86 with CIS in proactive security - FIXED! Sandbox doesn't support junction points - FIXED! Application that launched by 'LNK'-file is absent in File List

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Lightning fast firewall!!! I work it as so to only run the firewall feature, delete everything else. Never had issues with PC performance, its just fast.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: kuntiL anaK
  • Date: 22 Nov 2014

Updating of Comodo Internet Security is a problem when your connection drops midway. CIS starts the download from beginning instead of the point from the point where the connection dropped. Could be improved.

  • Rating: 4
  • Posted by: Bal Raj
  • Date: 23 May 2009

Extremely good bundle, although newbies may find it slightly complicated to manage. In fact, this is the best firewall I have seen and I have been using it for more than a year now.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Bal Raj
  • Date: 23 May 2009

Easy What are you talking about Are you talking about Comodo. It shows programs blocked and when I click on that it takes me to another screen where it shows Ip address. No idea if its safe, bunch of no. means nothing to me. Could not find any way to unblock it. And dont let me get started on their support. I have ticket pending since February! Who is writing these reviews anyway I need firewall that will actually learn and not keep asking the same questions over and over and that I dont have to be computer expert to understand.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Pavel
  • Date: 29 Apr 2009

Ive been using Coodo for 2nd year now and must say it is absolute a top!! If U know what U do when setting it up- it will work perfectly for you!! I still cant believe such a good product is for free.....!

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by:
  • Date: 17 Mar 2009

Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall 2017 Review & Rating

Do you need a firewall utility alone, or one that comes with an antivirus? Do you want it for free, or are you willing to pay? No matter your choices, Check Point has a product for you. With Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall 2017, you get advanced firewall protection along with antivirus technology licensed from award-winner Kaspersky.

Yes, this is the for-pay edition, with both antivirus and firewall protection. Specifically, you pay $39.95 per year, the same as you'd pay for Kaspersky Anti-Virus itself, or for the majority of top-rated antivirus products.

You get a better deal if you need more than one license. $59.95 per year lets you install the product on five PCs. While it doesn't offer firewall protection at ZoneAlarm's level, McAfee AntiVirus Plus gives you unlimited installations on multiple platforms for that same price.

Three large panels dominate the product's main window, each with links to three or four significant features. The layout is precisely the same as in the ZoneAlarm suite, with suite-only features grayed out. You have to look closely to see the one difference between this product and the ZoneAlarm premium firewall—the Antivirus/Anti-Spyware link is enabled, not grayed out.

Shared FeaturesFirewall protection in this product is identical to what you get with Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall 2017, so I won't go into full detail here. You can read that review if you want to know more.

ZoneAlarm successfully stealthed all ports and resisted Web-based attacks in testing. It didn't block exploit attacks, but then, it's not meant to. If exploits are your concern, Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic is a good choice, based on my testing. Advanced firewall features include the ability to manually define firewall rules and to fine-tune exactly what network events are permitted in the Public and Trusted zones. However, few users have the knowledge needed to use these features.

The application control component automatically assigns network permissions for a vast number of known programs found in the ZoneAlarm database online. In the default configuration, ZoneAlarm makes its own decision about how to handle most unknown program. If you crank protection to the max, it asks you how to handle every unknown. In addition, at that level the OSFirewall behavioral detection system reports a variety of suspicious behaviors, flagging both good and bad programs.

To this basic application control, the premium edition adds a number of other monitoring styles aimed at nabbing malware that tries to evade detection. Enabling these will result in more popup queries from the firewall. You'll have to read and consider these carefully, as blocking the wrong event could cause problems. Like the advanced firewall rules, these features are best used by experts.

New in this edition, ZoneAlarm's for-pay products offer an interesting take on antiphishing. A phishing page masquerades as something important—perhaps PayPal or your bank—in order to steal your login credentials for the real site. It's harmless until the moment you start to type something. That being the case, ZoneAlarm doesn't bother scanning pages until that moment. If it detects a fraud, it replaces the page with a clear explanation of what happened.

In testing, ZoneAlarm proved just as effective as long-time antiphishing champ Norton. It beat the detection rates of Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, too. Only Kaspersky, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016, and Webroot have recently beaten Norton in this test. The one catch; for now, this feature only works in Chrome.

Enhanced Malware ProtectionLike Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus+ 2017, this product relies on Kaspersky's technology for its malware protection. Among the premium features, real-time cloud-based scanning and Web monitoring are enabled by default. You can optionally turn on scanning of files on network drives and scanning mailbox files.

The paid edition also checks for antivirus updates more often. Those using the free edition can manually check for updates at any time, but automatic updates happen just once per day. The paid edition checks every hour, by default, but you can set it to intervals between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

Free users get DIY-style tech support, with FAQs, forums, and knowledge base articles. When you pay, you move up to premium support. That means you go straight to live chat support, with remote-control diagnosis and repair if necessary.

While the independent antivirus testing labs heap honors on Kaspersky, those honors don't necessarily apply to ZoneAlarm. The labs make it very clear that results apply only to the actual tested product. That being the case, there's simply not enough information to come up with an aggregate lab results score for ZoneAlarm.

Given that the premium product includes antivirus features that the free product lacks, I went back to the beginning and ran all of my hands-on tests again. One test starts when I open a folder full of samples. Just the minimal access required for Windows Explorer to display the filenames is enough to trigger most on-access scanners, and ZoneAlarm is no exception. In the free edition, it always scans on any access. Premium users can choose to only scan files as they're executed. The default Smart Mode uses its own rules to optimize scanning. I did observe that one sample blocked on sight by the free edition wasn't caught until launch in the paid edition—but it was caught.

The premium product scored slightly better in this basic malware blocking test, 8.7 of 10 possible points where the free product took 8.5 points. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus aced this test, with a perfect 10 points.

For my malicious URL blocking test, I start with the most recent list of malware-hosting URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas. I launch each URL and record whether the product diverts the browser from the URL, eliminates the payload during or immediately after download, or sits idly by doing nothing.

ZoneAlarm's free antivirus was at a disadvantage in this test, as it doesn't include any Web-based protection. Even so, it managed to wipe out 62 percent of the malware downloads. The premium antivirus, with browser-independent Web-based protection built in, proved significantly more effective. Not only did it steer the browser away from 57 percent of the nasty URLs, it also warned when I copied a poison URL to the clipboard. Another 17 percent of the malware samples got axed during download, for a total of 74 percent protection.

That's a decent score, given that the current average is 69 percent protection. However, Avira Antivirus 2016 blocked 99 percent, all of them at the URL level, and Norton managed 98 percent.

See How We Test Security Software

Other Shared FeaturesAll four ZoneAlarm firewall products, free and paid, with antivirus and without, share a number of bonus features. IDrive, a PCMag Editors' Choice, offers 1TB of hosted online backup for $59.50 per year. Your ZoneAlarm subscription gets you that same backup technology, but just 5GB of storage.

Another partner, Identity Guard, supplies a year of credit and identity monitoring to go along with your ZoneAlarm product. Similarly named but quite different Identity Lock is a tool to prevent user-defined personal data from being transmitted out of your computer via Web or email.

Worth a LookIf you want to use ZoneAlarm's firewall and antivirus combo in a business setting, you must pay. The free edition is licensed only for non-commercial use. But in truth, even in a home setting ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall 2017 is worth a look. It combines the formidable ZoneAlarm firewall with antivirus protection licenses from award-winner Kaspersky, and its new antiphishing component is both innovative and effective.

On the other hand, you could go straight to Kaspersky Anti-Virus itself. Along with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016, it's a perpetual winner in third-party lab tests. Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic also does well in testing, and its Intrusion Prevention System blocks exploit attacks that ZoneAlarm doesn't. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is the tiniest antivirus around, and its unusual journaling system promises to reverse any actions by malware, even ransomware. And for the price of five ZoneAlarm licenses, McAfee AntiVirus Plus offers unlimited installations. Do consider ZoneAlarm, but also keep these five Editors' Choice antivirus products in mind.

Best Free firewall 2017 Review

Best Free firewall 2017 Review

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Best Free firewall 2017 Review  Keep your connection safe by blocking assaults from the most recent on-linethreats with the most effective free firewall for Windows

In the 1990s, Microsoft had an issue: Windows appeared to endure from countless safety issues that hackers and different on-line villains have been fast to use. One solution to combat again was to put in a firewall – an app that blocked malicious and/or undesirable community site visitors and that would be sure that dodgy software program could not sneak onto your PC.

Microsoft started constructing its personal firewall into Windows and that is nonetheless the case at this time, however assaults nonetheless occur and extra software program could make your system much more safe. These are the firewall apps we expect it is best to think about using irrespective of which model of Windows you are operating.

If we have missed your favourite free firewall – whether or not it is a standalone program or constructed right into a full on-line safety suite – tell us within the feedback under.

1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

A free firewall with real-time safety and particular options for wi-fi connectionsFor many people, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall was the app that launched us to firewalls within the first place, and it was essential app within the days when Windows successfully informed the web “Hack me! I am simple!”

The present model of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall hides open ports, identifies probably dodgy site visitors, disables malicious applications and connects to DefenseNet, which gives real-time safety updates as new threats are detected. It additionally protects your laptop on public Wi-Fi networks.

The solely draw back is that it would not play good with anti-malware software program aside from Windows Defender, and warns of potential stability and efficiency issues when you do not uninstall different anti-malware software program. If that is not a problem for you, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is the most effective free firewall you may obtain.

Download right here: ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Comodo Firewall is a dependable possibility for shielding your connection, with a well-maintained database of present threats

2. Comodo Firewall

A free firewall that blocks over two million recognized threats, with extra added every single day

If you do not like firewalls with a lot of pop-up notifications then Comodo Firewall in all probability is not for you: it is one of many extra vocal free firewall apps we examined, however that is as a result of it is also probably the most complete.

Comodo Firewall runs on Windows 7 or later, screens your community, system and apps, and it has a blocklist of greater than two million unhealthy apps that it will not let wherever close to your PC.

Comodo’s free firewall additionally connects to a cloud-based system that is up to date immediately as new threats arrive, and that gives a whitelist of respected information and distributors too.

Download right here: Comodo Firewall

PeerBlock allows you to blacklist particular classes, together with recognized suppliers of adware and websites with an anti-filesharing agenda

3. PeerBlock

A free firewall designed particularly for normal filesharers

Many free firewalls use a number of types of safety, however PeerBlock is designed to guard only one form of downside: site visitors from IP addresses that you do not belief. That slender focus means this free firewall does its one job very properly with out requiring a lot in the best way of system sources or intervention from you.

When you put in it, PeerBlock asks you to decide on the form of web sites you need the free firewall to dam – reminiscent of adware networks, adware, recognized villains and organizations reminiscent of anti-P2P teams. The free firewall routinely updates its block lists every single day to maintain these IP addresses away out of your PC.

Download right here: PeerBlock

TinyWall is not a full firewall – it is an extension for the built-in Windows firewall that allows you to handle whitelists and prevents annoying pop-ups showing when you’re working

4. TinyWall

Prefer to make use of Windows’ personal firewall relatively than a 3rd get together instrument? TinyWall offers you full management

TinyWall is best recognized for what it would not do than what it does: in contrast to some free firewalls it would not interrupt you with pop-up warnings about what appears to be each second bit of information.

TinyWall is designed to enhance Windows’ personal firewall options with out requiring any professional data, and whereas it gives the identical whitelisting options as different packages – to make sure that the apps you employ can get on-line with none problem – it does it by hotkeys or lists relatively than pop-ups.

TinyWall solely takes up about 1MB in your onerous drive, and is a really helpful addition when you determine to stay with Windows’ built-in safety instrument.

Download right here: TinyWall

OpenDNS embody preset choices to dam most assaults, and you’ll configure them with further settings like household safety to maintain your youngsters protected on-line

5. OpenDNS

Customizable filters to guard your most private knowledge at router stage

OpenDNS is not a downloadable free firewall; it is a change you can also make to your router’s settings so it connects to the web through OpenDNS’s servers. That means the safety applies to any system in your community, which is helpful in at this time’s hyper-connected properties and companies.

OpenDNS Home routinely blocks recognized offenders and gives a spread of content material filtering choices to maintain the children away from filth too. The service is free, and there are full setup directions for each form of system.

Try it on-line: OpenDNS

It’s greatest to keep away from public Wi-Fi networks the place potential, but when you must use one, Anti NetCut3 will help you keep away from makes an attempt to compromise your connection

6. Anti NetCut3

A firewall designed to safe your connection on dangerous public networks

If you’ve got ever questioned “who spoof my connection”, Anti NetCut3 has the reply. Ropey interface translations apart, this free firewall is designed to dam makes an attempt to chop or manipulate your web connection if you’re utilizing probably compromised networks reminiscent of public Wi-Fi hotspots, that are comparatively simple to mess with.

All it’s worthwhile to do is specify the community adapter it needs to be monitoring – your wi-fi adapter or your ethernet adapter when you’re connecting to a wired community – and it will deal with the remainder.

Download right here: Anti NetCut3

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